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S&P breaks below 200 day SMA :disappointed_relieved: while Nasdaq 100 touches 200 day SMA with a golden cross… 50 day SMA goes above 200 day SMA.


QQQ :+1: Golden cross. Above cloud. Price above both 50-day and 200-day SMA.

SPX manages to regain above 200-day SMA.

Why is S&P becomes bearish while QQQ becomes bullish?

S&P bearish count.

OptionsWolf is also bearish but only after SPX hits 4300-4400. Same as those uttered in echo chamber of technicians and alogorithm traders (e.g. @Jil).

3 days ago…

Some views.

Sound logical.


Really? Current high growth stocks are in virtual world! Can’t touch, can’t eat, …

Long story by Dan Ives saying about the same as tweets.

Reclassification of stocks eg

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, along with a few other names, will be moved into the financials sector.

Target, Dollar General and Dollar Tree will move from the consumer discretionary corner of the stock market, and join Walmart as consumer staples companies.


Hmmmm, Market is not doing good, SPX will be sliding to 3800 now!

[Edit] Market has to dip one more time and then only will resume bull run.

[Edit:2023_03_22] Market may stop the dip sometime tomorrow, very unlikely touch 3800, and then turn bullish from here.

Market will resume to bull run for next 45-50 days appx 4300 or more.

Nothing guaranteed, all the predictions can go wrong! Not a stock or financial advice.

Is there anyway to find out what the current demand for treasury notes is? @manch @marcus335 @Jil @hanera

All I know is this ETF

They publish auction results.

It’s easiest to just follow the ETF price movement for whatever duration interests you.