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Just argument purpose I am writing this. If someone is interested really, I am ready to buy puts!
A simple bet will prove who is right and who is wrong ! (Trying to match $2728 with $2775 )

I am ready to buy this put and hold until I gain 50% or until worthless expiry if market jumps.
Who is ready to buy the equivalent call and hold until they gain 50% (market jumps) or until worthless expiry if market crashes.

BTW: I have many puts QQQ 340 expiry Jun 16th already.

Planning to DCA if market jumps tomorrow which I really doubt.

Tomorrow is OpEx day !


You bought Jun 16, 2023…

and you tell @manch to buy…

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 7.58.31 PM

Mar 15, 2024
Why? How come not Jun 16, 2023 $340 call?

It’s not just Japan at 30 year high. Dax is also at all time high:

I expected reply from you, but you read my post half read, that is the issue.

If someone is bullish from here, they buy 9 month LT call.
If someone is bearish from here, they buy 9 month LT put.

If market crashes, it has to crash within 9 months.

You re-read all that I said !

Ignore the BTW sentence as this is only for information purpose. One month expiry puts/calls are not long term perspective! This ST (340) puts, I may sell it in 1-7 days. Normally, I buy SQQQs, but market went way beyond level that made me to buy ST puts so that my gain is supposed to be good.

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If can break out above 4200, should be able to hit 4450 then 4850-4900.

$SPX is above cloud and MACD is above zero.

Breakout? Or breakdown?

Healthy pull back is due. BTFD :money_mouth_face:


Can’t even beat the index… SMH. It shows, for most investors, just invest in broad market indices.

Count of QQQ by a random Elliottician…

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Above technical analysis by forcing a pattern onto the chart gives TA a bad name. See below…


Bullish and bearish count…

2 months ago…

Bullish and bearish count for NASDAQ…

Slightly different count by a random Elliottician…

A random Elliottician proposes a count for component waves. The main wave is the same as the bullish count. The target for wave 3 is 4700-4800 and for wave 5 around 5200 :grinning:

Fake news. Market is going to zero!

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