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Banks with liquidity problem is a big issue. Tends to spread.

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Yet, walking away was one of the first things he did.

The end result was:

He’s talking tough about Iran, but he removed the sanctions on them.

I doubt anyone is paying attention to the international disaster given the domestic disaster.

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Ok, people are noticing. I just didn’t think it’d be his own party…

He hasn’t even been in office 2 years…. Also, the last thing the rest of America wants is California running the country.

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How we gave a promising new battery technology to China.

Another take on it.


Europe in recession, energy crisis, consumers are suffering?

Reality by boots on the ground vs media reporting :slight_smile:

USD is so strong that American tourists are everywhere.

US agrees to “Climate Reparations.” China doesn’t have to pay in. In theory they could even be a recipient.’s%20greenhouse%20gas%20emissions%20in,11%25%20of%20the%20global%20total.

Remember how Biden was going to reset relations with China?

While we debate things like transgenderism the Swiss have just taken a giant cultural leap forward :slight_smile:

Exciting or frightening depending on point of view.


This is bad.

That’ll help relations.

We literally can’’t afford another 4 years of this:

  1. Russia invades Ukraine
  2. Hamas attacks Israel
  3. Iran backed militants attacking ships in the Red Sea
  4. N Korea resumes missile testing
  5. China tells our president they will reunite Taiwan with the mainland

I’m sure I’m forgetting more, but that is insane for less than 3 years in office. That doesn’t even count the major failures closer to home.

Oh, here’s the closer to home part. The border is a total failure.

Yeah, one more thing closer to home. Madura set to put the moves on Guyana.

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Just more international success happening under Biden’s incompetent watch. He might be the best thing that’s happened to foreign dictators in decades.

International un-cooperation.

Just more of @manch ’s hero being such an amazing leader that China is becoming more aggressive on Taiwan.

It’s ok though. We’re going to give billions in subsidies to companies that are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. That seems like a great way to help the average citizen.

Maybe if the administration wasn’t so busy being anti business with regulations then they wouldn’t need to pay billions in subsidies. It’s almost like the different parts of the administration don’t know what the others are doing, or they purposely conflict each other. That’s pretty amazing.

If one wants to do a quick search Biden has recently banned new natural gas exports (which Europe needs given the Russia/Ukraine war) and sold off our helium reserves.
The fun just never stops.