Investing vs Trading

I see his strategy. Long underlying, then use wheeling to lower his cost basis to zero. His wheeling is conservative, sell 2 clicks below instead of ATM. His CSP is secured vs margin. His chooses his target carefully, need to have high IV yet is moving sideways. Rather conservative but with so much money involved is a prudent approach. Is opposite to Jesse’s aggressive approach.

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Experienced investors should already know what Adam is talking about. Relatively new investors may not.

Many investors and traders make great returns when financial markets do well but sadly, many lose everything and more when the inevitable correction returns.

In this video, I share my investment principles of how I generate sustainable profits and wealth over the long-term by learning how to stay in the game and stay alive during market crisis.

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Disclosure: DIdn’t own any AMD, MSTR and TSM.

My top 3 remains the same: NVDA, SHOP and COIN

Kris’s model stock portfolio (no real money invested). He views these stocks as undervalued using cashflow analysis.

He bought AAPL :slight_smile:
SNOW is the largest position. No PLTR because he felt is over-valued.

Aggressive trader, Jesse, is extremely successful in trading very OTM calls and crypto (tokens, miners, calls)… his return is extremely high… put Jim Simmons to shame. Below is his projected growth of his public portfolio. Ofc, far higher than conservative traders like Kris and TJWheeler.

A trader’s view of the market for a year…
Not an endorsement of his view. Just sharing.

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8 days ago…

Updates… 50% cash… think market has peaked…

Flip in one day. Back to 80% allocation, 20% cash. Luckily I didn’t follow his move…
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All seems great except for gold just smashing through $2200 an ounce.

I see I’m now back to even on Canoo - after it rallied 200% over the past week :rofl:

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Typical trader’s situation.

Well it worked well for me when I bought Nucor during the COVID collapse.
The thing about those well run companies is that even if they don’t rebound right away or go a lot lower you can still tuck them away for years and wait. It also helps if they’re not in a “sexy” industry.

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