Investing vs Trading

Brutally honest view of average traders…
IMHO, market is digesting the huge gain ytd, bull rally is intact. YMMV.

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Bullish Divergence is one of the most reliable technical indicator… yet some traders dare to short a bullish divergence or these traders didn’t use TA? IMHO, even if you don’t believe in TA, you need to respect bullish/ bearish divergence.

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You’ve learnt the wrong lesson. Based on what you’ve shared, your timeframe is only a few years. There are exception to the rule. You can all-in if you fully understand the implication of certain change in fundamentals e.g.

Release of iTunes for windows for AAPL
Release of Model 3/Setup of Shanghai factory for TSLA
Release of GPU/CUDA for NVDA
Release of AWS for AMZN
Migration from desktop to mobile Facebook for META

Forward looking (to be proven): Release of AIP for PLTR

Conviction is critical in holding a stock long term.
For example, any buy n holder of AAPL since Dec 1996 underperforms S&P for 6 years…

However, if you hold till today… AAPL outperforms S&P by miles… CAGR appreciation of 30% for 27+ years.

First 40 mins is a debate between investor (Vitaly) and trader (Kris). Investor and trader can’t see eye2eye. AFAIK, easier to be a trader when your $ invested is small, need to transit to investor when the $ invested is large.

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Trimming a solid LT investment is not a good idea. Is difficult to find a good LT investment. Should ride all the way.

Not everything taught in investment 101 are correct.

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:+1: This Hong Kong guy understands investing.

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Don’t forget to sell the losers and add to winners.