It Gets Better By The Minute


Ok @wuqijun, some of us actually have a day job where we look at multiple computer screens all day and our brains are pretty fried by EOD. Look, I am maxing out on PTO again soon, so will need to take a day or two off or not earn any well deserved PTO days anymore. I will comb the Fab 7x7 for an Asian man driving a late model CRV. Gosh, if only we had a Denny’s in the Fab 7x7 we could stake that out and boom there he is…follow that CRV!!!


Oooooh, you may be on to something, Sherlock Holmes, err, Charlie Chan (oops)…

Let’s be honest and this is not, NOT PC to say, since it is true, there aren’t too many African Americans living in the Fab 7x7 anymore except your Bayview. Could be…You win the Gold Star!!! Bring your ticket to the window and the nice lady there will give you your prize…

I guess our Fearless Leader does wear the pants in the family IF he lives there…


What about Glen Park and Bernal? He seems to be a fan of these neighborhoods


Follow Charlie Chan’s clues…

Since you got into ALL of the top UC schools, I am sure you can figure this one out, Ms. Harriet!!!:grinning:




What’s in it for me? Dragon Beaux everyday for a year? Not sure I want to be perceived as a stalker.


OMG, Dragon Beaux all year would require a call to Tracie for a new, refinance, cash out loan…Geez, do you have to wear formal attire or a dinner jacket to dine at that restaurant?:grinning:


Ok, I’m formally declaring @manch to be a resident of Bayview unless he breaks the silence again and refutes it.

Remember, we speculated him being a Sunset resident but he denied that. So this time around, if he wasn’t a Bayview resident he should be denying that as well. Otherwise, silence equals an implicit “yes” :slight_smile:



(Better put a post-it on my forehead to remember to not bad-mouth his neighborhood anymore. We don’t want to be banned from this universe…:grinning:)


Maybe excelsior? Visitation valley?


Not likely because he never merited these hoods the same way he did with Bayview.


Dumbfounded America Inc.


Yes. That’s true!


Most likely he owns a rental in Bayview and lives in Portola


True, but I suspect there is the chance (less) in those areas he could still have his left/right neighbors too…

All I know is, the silence is deafening from our Fearless Leader…

Since you have mastered the art of getting your money to work for you (instead of the more boring opposite way), time for you to drive around the Bayview in hunt of a CRV, Sir… (keep your head down…)


No No No… are you kidding? Driving aimlessly around Bayview is the last thing I want to do :slight_smile:

And besides, the silence already spoke volumes :slight_smile:


True, my bad, let’s not do more work than needed, right???

He threw me off when he said his fav chinese takeout place was on Ocean. Fell for it!!!


Hey @wuqijun,

We haven’t heard from you know who yet… I am concerned, maybe you should call the police…:grinning:


Hehehe… he posted on another thread. He only chose to ignore us


Of course… and I plan to use Bayview in every post in response until our Fearless Leader throws up his arms and confesses to the choir that, yes, yes, damn it, I am a Bayview resident/owner/renter!!! Got a problem with it??? No, no Sire, we love Bayview…we think it is the greatest thing since Big Baller basketball shoes…