It Gets Better By The Minute


Ivankas kid speaks mandarin. So there is that.


I would prefer that Melania is a numbers freak and actually has a thing for number 8 too… that, would be sweeeeet :grin:


Cool!!! He definitely can bench more than me…


Uh, we have this physical hand gesture out here in the West…yeah, it involves the middle finger…yep, you got it!!!


OMG…please, just shoot me now…

Hey, @Elt1, this may be more suitable for your nice weather soon up in SLT, not foggy, Fab 7x7…


[quote=“BAGB, post:4, topic:1556, full:true”]
I thought it is perfectly fine for liberals to discriminate against non-liberals. Our liberals will shut off the US President because liberals are above any non-liberal President, not to mention any non-liberal non-president guys

Mister McConnell: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president :flushed::scream:




OMG, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this…:slight_smile:


OMG, don’t tell me Bernie (or his better half) is crooked too???


Bernie was small time mayor from a podunk state…He gets less votes from the State of Vermont than the Mayor of Stockton. .What qualified him to be President?. …Even Trump has a better grasp of reality and he is probably clinically insane…


It’s shockingly easy to become popular if you promise people free stuff.


Wow, so it is ok for your condo but not for any more ???


Have to admit, having the police chief onsite at your home (if large enough) would be the ultimate security system, no???


God, who next???


@manch, do you live in Bayview?


Come on, I doubt it. He has a wife and kiddies. I am pretty sure he wouldn’t subject the today Bayview on his family. I am still guessing:

  1. Ocean
  2. Sunnyside
  3. Now adding Mission Terrace
  4. Now adding Merced/Ingleside Heights



I was thinking the same way but

  1. I accidentally ran into one of his older posts where he talked about both his left and right neighbors
  2. I remembered the time when he was constantly posting about the merits of Bayview and it’s unlimited potential…


Left and right neighbors??? That is EVERYONE in the FAB 7x7 remember? Or people like to remind us why are your houses touching each other??? Duh!!! Ok, I am on a corner, so tech only one house touches mine. Whoopie!!! I won the lottery!!! Big deal…

Yes, but me thinks Mrs. Manch is very strong with the Force and would deny any moving vans from going near the Deathstar (Bayview)…could be wrong…

Oh, figure out which schools have good chinese immersion programs and that might whittle it down some. Not that he couldn’t drive them cross city though, but still…


Hehehe… why don’t you read his post and see if you come to the same conclusion as I did. You can click on manch’s icon on the upper right hand corner of my original response to manch to get to that post.