It Gets Better By The Minute


@manch is / was on bigger pockets may be he spilled the beans there:) check his posts there may be !!


The left is African American, is the right also African American?


Ok, if our Fearless Leader doesn’t want to reveal where he lives, well, whom am I to care? To a certain degree, we all are hiding something right? Most of us are not using real names or real photos. With that said though I don’t understand why he won’t tell us. It’s not a big deal and there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Shoot, I can’t wait to move back to good old Chinatown.


I’m pretty sure he lives in Bayview. My second choice would be Oceanview because you had said his favorite take out place is over there.


Well, he mentioned that his fav chinese takeout place was on Ocean so I naturally assumed he lived nearby.


Ok, he might also be living in Ingleside then because that’s where Ocean is.


Yeah, I think Ocean, Merced and Ingleside would be my top 3 since those areas historically did have large African American populations.


Great, we were so sure about Bayview but now we are back to square one :slight_smile:


No, I think we have it, with those 3. I really would be shocked if he would subject his family to current day Bayview. Those 3 areas are transitioning and are mostly fine so I can def see one of those. Go to sleep… :slight_smile:


I still think there’s a good chance with Bayview. He exalted that neighborhood too much. He never said anything about Ingleside nor Oceanview nor Merced Heights.


Sure, possible, but would you be getting your bbq, duck, soy sauce chicken across town practically? If he lives in Bayview, he probably could get his chinese on San Bruno Ave right? To get to be his fav takeout means to me he lives nearby. And again, Bayview is not very safe today. Mrs. Manch would not go for it, I am pretty sure.


Look, go with where the good chinese immersion schools are. That is a clue that we have not looked into. I have no kids, so don’t look at me…


Ok, I Googled all of the chinese immersion programs. No help really. Could be Bayview I give you that but Ocean is still a possibility…


Ok, back on topic…

Ya think???


I honestly don’t see how we get to $100 oil again without a significant global conflict. The technology of extracting it has gotten so good the break even price is lower than ever. Once we go above break even a bunch of new capacity comes online and kills any price gains. Then you add alternative fuels becoming cost competitive vs. oil or nat gas, and the oil companies are screwed. Energy profits will be a drag on stock market indexes for awhile.


We have finally achieved some leverage re: oil. Simply supply and demand and greedy oil producing countries. They can’t come together for long to collude and fix the world supply. Good to see…


Let’s hope OJ doesn’t pick up home flipping like Vanilla Ice and finds us…


Gosh, and the family gets paid too…:grinning:


The teacher’s name is Jennifer “Sexton”… :slight_smile:


I take it the money is for pain and suffering…

we should all be so fortunate at such a vulnerable age…

(no, no negative responses, please… just kidding and not a lot going on…)