It Gets Better By The Minute


I have trouble understanding how a woman can rape a boy. I feel that the boy is at least partially responsible.


As long as the boy is underage, this activity would be a crime. Forced sex is rape, right?

It would be a kind of sexism if this is not called rape


Well yes, but I have trouble understanding if it was indeed “forced” sex…


It is rape by definition. Drink the PC Kool-Aid or hear from our better halves…


Yes agree, stupid woman. Why choose to have sex with a minor anyway… also she should learn something from that French president’s wife :slight_smile:


Oil is up today. Get on the wagon and fill that tank up!


I drove by 3rd st in Bayview and was surprised to find that the shops along 3rd street looks much improved now. Seems a lot of renovation has happened or is happening.

Bayview now has the feel of the future Mission.

Where else is going through such a transformation?

And how is the change of resident demographics?


Mission: whites go in, latinos go out.
Bayview: whites go in, blacks go out.


And Fearless Leader…


Is this observation politically correct? :smiley:

But are whites going in to Bayview? I remember that it’s incoming Asians and Hispanic replacing outgoing blacks in Bayview. I do not remember any stats showing Bayview white population rising fast


White population is decreasing in every major city in America except one: San Francisco. Here, gentrification is taking place where blacks and latinos are displaced.


Yes you are right! :rofl:


Bayview could be gentrified faster than mission because Bayview is dominated by homeowners. When price is high enough, old homeowners would sell and move to east bay.

In 10-20 years, Bayview could be competent different

A 100 unit new project is in works.


Yes, in 10-20 years Bayview home prices might be higher than the mission and sunset.

@sfdragonboy and @manch, feel free to comment :slight_smile:


Who knows what is going to happen in 10-20 years. The thing is, the allure of the Sunset has been the sense of a family neighborhood setting where there are some decent schools and you have access to recreation (parks, beach, etc.) Now, is the Bayview going to somehow become that too or is it going to attract primarily singles and hipsters who don’t have kids? South of Market may appeal to some folks, but not to me. I don’t think of high rise condo buildings that resemble office buildings as a family neighborhood. Where are the parks? Where are the shops? What has made the Sunset attractive for many folks probably won’t change much so it should hold its value over time easily.

Now, with that said, we were house shopping outside SF yesterday and wifey and I fell in love with a nice house that even my wifey agreed that our once untouchable Sunset home is now on the table…


Bayview has location on its side, plus better weather…Manch is a pioneer, pioneers tend to make the best returns…It takes as long to get to downtown from the Sunset as it does from Belmont…Bayview has easy access to downtown and the airport. …good long term play…
Btw, for the price of a Sunset house you can buy a large waterfront house in Tahoe Keys…


Yes, but the commute to downtown SF would be a tad much for us…


I keep saying that unless something changes to fix the problem, the coastal areas with the cooler temperatures will continue to be highly valued. My understanding is that you cats in the inner parts of the Bay will be feeling it this week as temps go way up. Sunset, Pacifica, and Daly City homes will just go up again…


The last winter and extra fog this summer was caused by cooling waters off SF…If the artic melt accelerates, the Humbolt Current temperatures will decrease causing much more fog…The kind SF is infamous for…So look forward to very rainy winters and soupy fog summers…Like I remember back in the 60s…Meanwhile we are enjoying snow skiing til July and 80 degree temps everyday this summer…


Yeah, but some places recently hit temperatures over 110. Who can live in that heat for a long stretch? Remember that someone who I heard about who died from heat in Vegas? This was a otherwise healthy person. I’ll take the cold, sir…