It Gets Better By The Minute


I love cold…It gets 10 below here…Just prefer snow and warm summers to rain and fog


Every one here professes to be data geeks. Well, what do the actual numbers tell you? Sunset prices have continuously gone up over the years to where they are now. Yeah, the cold is really bad…


So where are you buying your new home now? Daly City?


After yesterday, seriously wanting to only consider Crestmoor and Rollingwood. I have the green light to sell our Oakland and the Fremont homes to make it happen. I crunched the numbers and our overall net “cash” gain from both properties should easily pay off most of the new home to the point that any small mortgage left should be covered by rental income we get from elsewhere with some money to spare. For the longest time, our salaries never really paid for any mortgage we had technically (only property tax). How else would my wifey amass a few hundred thousand in liquid funds so fast? Hubby is poor of course…


“By the count of researcher Marcia Wyatt in a widely circulated presentation, the US government’s published temperature data for the years 1880 to 2010 has been tinkered with 16 times in the past 3 years.”

In 1988, it was reported that the global average temperate from 1950-1980 was 59 degrees. Now they report 2016 was the hottest year on record at 58.69 degrees.


Obviously things are fluid as they say and it is hard to know (or care) what frankly will happen beyond our own lifetimes (but may impact your children’s futures). All I know is, it is quite toasty in some places with increasing alarm. Come on, hearing about 115 degrees in locals that never reached that? That is crazy. And then to know someone who lost a loved one prematurely and totally unexpectedly to heat, well, that is enough real evidence as far as I am concerned to keep me on the coastal side as much as possible. My wife has no intention of ever wanting to move back to Asia so I am cool to that (literally and figuratively). I saw how she marveled at this house yesterday and I want to give her that and some.


It’s amazing how the cold of the Fab 7x7 is reeking havoc on our home prices…NOT!!!


Why not buy your new home using your wife’s cash and then mortgage it? The rent money from elsewhere can cover the expense. That way you get to expand your real estate portfolio!!!


No, we are downsizing and wanting to enjoy our lives more. Too many years of working for both of us since teens (she in Malaysia and me in SF). Enough is enough. My goal is to find her or build her the ultimate entertainment home. Want our Sunset home??? :grinning:


Um… no thanks.


Fine…rental it goes or onto the market it goes later when I hit 55 to take advantage of any cities I can transfer my tax basis to. I can do that correct (one time)?


I don’t know… from my point of view your strategy is very questionable. You might regret selling.


No regrets in life, my friend, when you take the initiative and direct your life however you want to as opposed to having it directed for you. One thing you need to remember is that when the ride is over, it is over. All the tea in China will do you no good at that point.


Too early to think about death for me :slight_smile: maybe 50 years from now…


Famous words @sfdragonboy - you may want to trade in that Honda CRX and get that Tesla. It is a lot safer ride! :grinning:


True…very true…


Prop 90 and prop 60…only some counties allow transfer of property tax basis


Or buy my S2k(clothes hanger)




I was going to put this under the Def of Idiots thread…

How about a moratorium on moratoriums???