It Gets Better By The Minute


Wow, what the heck is going on???


Wow, I thought Sweden is the most progressive nation in Europe


Swiss stands for Switzerland not Sweden… Now I know you are not European… :laughing:


Ah, at least it’s not Sweden.

What’s the exact reason for anti semitism? Is it jealousy at the group level?



Yes, because having more lawyers will fix all the issues in California. The test hasn’t changed, but the percent passing it has decreased. That means the quality of law school education must be decreasing. That’s not surprising. They don’t say how many extra people would pass over 5 points.


Too many law schools and many graduates can’t get any job. Lawyers are not as smart as doctors. Did you heard doctors want to make board exams easier and make it easier to become a practicing doctor?


What? Is there a problem?




Sanctuary city.


I don’t understand–isn’t asking for SSN the same as asking immigration status?



Try to be humble and diplomatic today, ok?


Anyone know the contact number of the contractor who is building inlaws that double as bomb shelters???


I honestly don’t see another solution besides taking out their leader. I think if we drop the idea of unifying Korea and letting N. Korea remain it’s own country, then China would be more on board with it. Also, we should let China lead the rebuilding effort after. We’ve already proven we’re horrible at rebuilding after war.


Actually, rebuilding efforts success or failure is really dependent on the rebuildee not the rebuilder. So long as North Korea drop their ideology and shift toward free market and trade, I’m extremely bullish on its prospects.


There is always the fear that if you take the head off the snake, who is to say the new head won’t be even more crazy???


Also, I don’t understand why America needs to get so involved into this. It’s really more of China’s problem. America should just stop trying to police this region and let China handle it. East Asia had always been under China’s sphere of influence up til the very recent. Give it back to China!


China isn’t handling it. What has China done except some minor sanctions that’ll harm the average citizen far more than Kim? They are afraid if Kim is removed, then the US will push for a unified Korea increasing US influence in the area. That’s why I’m proposing leaving N. Korea as a separate country and allowing China to lead the rebuilding.

Just look at the US in Iraq. Once we took out Saddam everything collapsed. Places lost running water, electricity, trash service, etc. That complete mess led to the rise and growth of more terrorists. It was the same with Afghanistan which created Osama Bin Laden. Saddam was only in power, because the US put him there to keep Iran in check. It appears we’re only capable of thinking about first level outcomes. People either can’t think of or willingly ignore the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc level outcomes. Some of them are pretty predictable, so I don’t get why we don’t account for them.


Well, we offer protection to countries over there who align with us and help stem the Communist tide. The least we can do is flex our muscles now and then for them. It is to also show China that we are still the Big Boss…


No need to do that. East Asians have an average IQ of 105. They don’t need to be policed.