It Gets Better By The Minute


They don’t have weapons like we do…


Let them make their own weapons. That’s why the North Korea nuke problem is really China’s problem. China should be afraid about a nuclear neighbor not us.


Let’s be frank, the Chinese should be worried but we are still the “enemy” remember? They are going to play both sides. If the threat to them were sooo clear and imminent, they would have shut down Fat Boy a long time ago. Never trust the Chinese completely, never…


We will not be their enemy anymore should we decide to stop policing east Asia. Hand the problem off to China already! America is in a no-win situation here.


China is their only ally and major trade partner. In the past, China ignored trade sanctions against N. Korea and freely traded with them. They are finally honoring trade sanctions. N. Korea is communist. China doesn’t want a communist country to fail. It’ll give 1B people ideas that communism isn’t that good.

Why would China worry about N Korea having nuclear weapons? N Korea would be stupid to nuke China. China is literally their only ally.

Again, what has China done about the problem so far?


Come on, China is doing jack as Fat Boy is shooting off his firecrackers. Can’t you see that? Red, white and Blue has to come to the rescue again…

Until I see China actually do some good globally, China is nothing in my book!!!


Well, if China is doing nothing about it, then America should definitely do nothing about it.


America come to the rescue??? So you want North Korea to nuke San Francisco first and then America can retaliate by obliterating their whole country… I’m sorry you might not be able to stay alive to see that day coming…


Ever heard of the strategy, " best defense is a good offense?"

We take Fat Boy’s firecrackers away before hurts us (I could care less about his country).


Um… that’s where China’s going to step in to intervene and start a real war. Do nothing is the best!!!


The problem is that he is a loose cannon and no one has done sheet to him after firing a few firecrackers over neighbor’s houses. Dai Lo needs to come in and restore order. If China thinks it is worthy of Dai Lo status, it needs to step up and do its thing…sooner not later. You get respect when you earn it.


You still don’t get it. America needs to move out of the dai lo spot. Then we are safe. Then North Korea is probably going to nuke South Korea or Japan first. Let them! If China wants to step in and rescue, then perfect. If not, guess where North Korea is going to invade next? Certainly not America! So there you have it. America offloaded problem to China.


Unfortunately, you don’t get it. In order to even have Dai Lo status, you have to flex it once awhile just to stay in place. Maybe light a firecracker now and then. Maybe, even kill a few people (ones who deserve it ideally). You think people’s memories last forever? Nope. You gotta show me something once in awhile so that I remain scared of you and your Dai Lo status. And besides, we like being the Dai Lo. Now, this is the chance actually for China to demonstrate that it is Dai Lo worthy. The opportunity is right there for it. Take it, China. Show me something!!!


Why is it that you want to be dai lo so bad? You really want North Korea sent their nuclear machine to San Francisco and obliterate your entire existence? Come on! This is a no-win situation here with North Korea. Only path down is mutual destruction. Run and hide! Offload this hot potato to someone else and let them destroy each other. Think with your brain not your hormone!


Chicks dig the dai lo…


Oh great… :rofl:


Response: You should be happy, that overflowing water will clean your filthy streets and get rid of that urine scent that seems to linger in your fair city…


This is a giant waste of tax payer money.

Oh, and scientists were a little off on how much carbon before we get a 1.5 degree increase. Before they said 70B tons would produce the increase. Now it looks like it would take 240B tons, so they were only off by a factor of 3. Wait, it gets better. They admit 2000-2014 the earth was warming slower than their models suggest. They chalk that up to climate hiatus where other factors contributed to the earth warming less than it should have been due to man. Also, if you look at 2000-2013, much of the increase in CO2 was due to rapid growth and development of China. They’ve since significantly reduced their CO2 contributions.


I am not doubting any of the evidence and results presented to counter a lot of the doomsdayers but let’s be honest too, it is kinda hard to gauge good ol’ Mother Earth no? I mean, we humans do the best projections we can with hopefully all good intentions and then we recalibrate. I mean, we should try to make sense of it all, right?