It Gets Better By The Minute




Whatever! No offense, literally fake news. You know what I mean?:laughing::laughing::laughing:

These words actually made up 90% of our daily conversations!


When people tell you “no offense, but…”, then just respond with “whatever!”


The best is when they start by saying “with all due respect”



are they taking bitcoin?


Uh, what took so long???


OMG, start hoarding your M&Ms you Millenials!!! Happy New Year, @harriet!!!


Time to develop synthetic chocolate…


Happy new year to you too @sfdragonboy :slight_smile: btw I don’t like chocolate (yes I am an oddball) so can care less if it goes extinct…


Wow, gets even cheaper for Mr. Right…:grin::grin:


Ok, maybe the old ladies get a pass but come on!!!


Come on, there’s a joke in there somewhere…


Lesson: Don’t go too cheap on the medical plan!!!


That’s about normal for British medical care. Talk to people that have lived it. You might end up with a family member dying after surgery, because the stitches didn’t hold and they went septic. The person died in the hospital from what should be a highly treatable infection. I literally know someone who’s dog had the same issue and is perfectly fine. US veterinarian care is better than British human care.


We all knew this was coming…


Same as “I am not a _______ supporter” but I will deflect the topic and defend him any time.:smile::smile::smile:


It’s getting so big the media can’t ignore it.


The real fun is beginning.


It’s a dilemma… if they block out migrants then the country will shrink from demographic decline since the native population wouldn’t produce enough children to replace themselves. They need migrants… crime is a side effect.