It Gets Better By The Minute


Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself or your own culture…


This is amazing.


Maybe, the real problem is with our judges…



Sure, that’s why we have those men and women in those dark robes and why we freaking get called for jury duty too often!!!


I would if I lost one of my kids in any shooting. Gee! Why do we have a police officer at the entrance of anything if the first thing he or she is going to do is to hide behind a wall.

Sue their arses!


Ok, fine, but I wouldn’t take the money or award…that is blood money that should go to the victims’ families or for some social good


This is getting better by the minute for sure!

Let’s start the countdown…1, 2, and…:rofl:


Wow, 21 years sentence for trying to look good in a bikini…


California just passed a law that reduces the penalty for knowingly spreading HIV to a max of 6 months in jail. Meanwhile, a law also passed that repeatedly using the wrong gender pronoun on someone has a max of 12 months in jail. So using the wrong gender pronoun is a bigger penalty than giving someone HIV. That’s going off the deep end.


How much media coverage is it getting? All I see is tariff hysterics.


Forget ISIS, the Chinese or the Russians. The enemy turns out to be our very own judges.


People are not missing the news on these turds who promised to “drain the swamp”.

Not to say, that golfing every weekend surpassing Obama’s 8 years.


It would be funny if it wasn’t because it can become tragic.

Ford Motor Co. is recalling nearly 1.4 million vehicles in North America for potentially loose steering wheel bolts, warning that over time the defect could lead to the wheel coming loose from the steering column.


Yup, California is turning into an echo chamber. Disagree with the leftist agenda and you get punished. It’s sounding more and more like China.





This is brought to you by the party who passed Obamacare and say “her body, her choice.” If you’re terminally ill and want to try an experimental treatment, well it’s not your body or choice.

If there’s any doubt the left wants complete government control over our lives, then this should crush that doubt. They literally won’t let people who are dying try an experimental treatment


You can run, but you can’t hide…:smile:

HOUSTON (AP) Four-time Indianapolis 500 winner A.J. Foyt was briefly hospitalized after an attack of Africanized killer bees he encountered while working on his ranch.


And, I suppose you made a good choice in attacking your wife and friend??? Who let this clown out of prison???