It Gets Better By The Minute


Wow, memo from Philadelphia’s new DA. Maybe he should run for mayor of SF.

It’s going to be a field day for criminals.


We may have a Russian troll somewhere…:laughing:


Wow, what a world class state. Requiring pregnancy centers to post info that the state of CA offers free abortion services.

Guns = bad
Killing an unborn baby = state will pay for it


Not bad for the world’s 6th largest economy, eh???:grin:


Let’s please not tie guns with abortion and stuff. I mean… eventually both might end up killing a human, but really?


Um… that requires adding LA to the mix. We Northern Californians don’t want to be associated with them like that as we can stand much better on our own…


I think that means a born human is infinitely more precious than an unborn one…


Could that flip in the future? With social credit system & gene/dna analysis, we could decide which one is going to be better for the society, no?


Around 29th i.e. 42 percentile.


That’s because central valley and LA dragged us down. If we just count the 9-county Bay Area GDP per capita alone, I’m sure it is off the charts.


I’d love someone to explain how shooting an unborn baby is murder yet abortion isn’t. Either it’s a life, or it isn’t.


Yes, all the homeless people really help increase the average.


<removed - i don’t actually know what you mean now>


Because shooting an unborn baby also kills the mother, but abortion only kills the baby and not the mother. Recall my previous post about the value of an unborn human vs. that of a born one.


Even better! The Bay Area economy is so strong that it is off the charts even with a large number of homeless people :slight_smile:


That’s his job on this forum, deflect from tragedy, he enjoys the killing of children at schools. Oh boy! He really enjoys denying what weapons of mass killing are doing to our kids. He does, big time!


This is so pathetically funny, if not tragic!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Come on, I have to have dinner right???


There’s a reason why we need small government. The mindset is all wrong in the younger generation. They think they need the government to protect them and provide for them. They view corporations and rich as the evil. The government actually needs us to provide for it. It’s our taxes that pay their bills.

Millennials are starting to think they don’t need to save. Socialism will take over and the government will provide for them. Have they ever looked at how socialism works in other countries? The end is always people starving without even the most basic of needs being met. Have they looked at the US government and how incompetent it is? Trusting your future to the government is planning to fail.


Blah, blah, blah. The topic is about the guy above spending like if he had the government as his business.