It Gets Better By The Minute


That’s really heavy stuff. In the last election turnout was only 55%. That means close to half of voters just didn’t bother to show up. Democracy is use it or lose it.

At worst we will fight another civil war. Maybe it’s time for liberals to load up on guns…


Also the guy behind the leaked dossier on Trump has been executed.


I hate to be alarmist but I do think this is a dangerous time for America.

I have family who support Trump. They long for a thriving middle class, where their kids can buy a house and move out at 20, and to have a more homogenous culture. I won’t say they are racist; That isn’t it but my take is that there are cultural differences that are frustrating to them. I understand but I believe they voted against the best interest of themselves and our democracy. Hilary was flawed but not nearly as dangerous.


The workforce flooding is not about workers with visa. Flooding is from the south and they have no visa. Visa means legal immigration.

MM_HH, are you for illegal immigration? Are you for legal immigration? How about your relatives who support Trump? Also do you think your Trump supporting relatives are inferior to you? Or has inferior intelligence than you? Do you think liberals are more intelligent and more educated than conservatives and moderate?


I guess most of them don’t know many or even any people who are different from them. People who are gay, transgender, Muslim, Latino or just born in other countries. Most of the gays and transgenders for example are concentrated in big cities like SF or NYC. There is deep and growing divide between big cities and exurbs/rural areas. Both economically and more important culturally.

In my kid’s 1st grade class, there is one boy going to school dressed as a girl. Watching my kid playing with him just like any other kid is really powerful. You just can’t hate the “others” if you have them as your friends. My neighbors on the right side of my house are black. My neighbors to my left are also black. So “Black Lives Matter” is just a matter of fact to me. Of course they do.


Illegal immigration has nothing to do with race or LGBTQ. How is it connected? Did Trump and his supporters attack a particular race or LGBTQ? I heard the illegal immigration part, no the other part.

Is it factual or imaginary? We need to talk base on fact, otherwise our words will be cast into doubt.


You didn’t know about the Muslim ban, and people with green cards denied entry? What’s illegal about them?


Before the election, I already see/hear the accusations of Trump being anti-LGBTQ, racist and misogyny everywhere and all the time. How did you know before the election?

Even the “Muslim” ban is not exactly a Muslim ban since many Muslim countries are not on the list. It’s phrased as an anti-terrorist measure, right?

Muslim is a religion, not a race. Illegal immigrant is also not a race. “Racist” would not be an accurate word.

Also where is the evidence for anti-LGBTQ?

A blind attack did not help HRC. How can it help now? How can protest help when election was over 2 months ago?


I do not think I am more intelligent but I do strongly disagree with their decision to vote for Trump. I don’t have a problem with republican ideals with the exception of reproductive rights (my main Pence gripe). I have a BIG Trump problem…he is unqualified, unhinged and endangers America.

I think mass deportations and building a expensive wall that America will end up paying for is not the best way to address illegal immigration. I also think that we need to balance legal immigration in a way that doesn’t undercut incomes of existing Americans.

@BAGB What field do you work in? Are illegals really taking your job away? There are no illegals in my field of work stealing jobs.


So you want to limit H1B to protect your income more urgently than limiting illegal immigration? Seems you are more concerned about legal immigration than illegal immigration?

I do not have any problem with legal immigration. I think it’s protectionism to be against legal immigration, especially when approving and encouraging illegal immigration.

When you are against legal immigration, you are trying to protect your job or your family member’s job. When you approve and encourage illegal immigration, you are destroying your trump supporting relatives’ job. Is there an irony here?

Illegal immigrants do not do my job. But isn’t it so childish and selfish and narrow minded when you only care about your job? I think your thought is more dangerous than Trump. You are against legal immigration when Trump is only against illegal immigration.

I’m taking about illegal immigration because that’s what Trump talked about. Seems that liberals hate legal immigrants and love illegal immigrants.


By paying attention to what they said in campaigns and their past histories? Trump said he will build a war. And he’s now building a wall. Trump said he will ban Muslims coming in. And he’s now banning Muslims coming in. If you pay any attention to Pence’s history you will know he’s not exactly warm and fuzzy about the LGBTQ community.

But I didn’t actually say Trump is anti-LGBTQ himself. Go read my post more carefully. I am implying that many of Trumps’ voters are voting for Trump because they are anti-gays. And these people likely don’t have any gay relations or friends. Ask the Evangelicals why they voted for Trump.

It’s phrased as anti-terrorist so it’s anti-terrorist? Are you serious?

So banning Muslims is not racist. Did I say banning Muslims is racist? So that’s all right for you?


No offense, but I really think you have pretty serious trouble with logical thinking. You just reach for the broadest generalization with made up theories and evidences.


I get it…you’re really against illegal immigration. Look, I don’t think people should come here illegally. But, they wouldn’t if they couldn’t find jobs here. Make documentation as fraud proof as possible and enforce steep fines for any company or household caught hiring an iIlegal.

They are coming here for a better life for their families. They are not the enemy. But, Trump will use your hatred of illegals to get you to vote away your rights…


I have no hatred toward anyone, definitely not the illegal immigrants. It’s not their fault, it’s the fault of US government.

Liberals are encouraging illegal immigrants and prohibit law enforcement against immigration violations. Sanctuary cities are welcoming illegal immigrants and do you expect them not working and did you donate to illegal immigrants so that they can get a better life here without working? Do you have a hatred toward legal immigrants?

I believe that legal immigrants are also coming here for a better life, is it not true? What’s preventing you love legal immigration?

My concern about illegal immigration is that it’s creating a huge poverty class and causing income inequality between highly educated and non-highly educated. I’m part of the highly educated, but I worry that a large poverty class with no legal status can cause social unrest and increase crime, it also push the non-highly educated into poverty. Also illegal immigration can cause crime and national security risks.


You miss the point. I have no problem with legal immigrants. My family immigrated a generation ago. Many of my friends are legal immigrants.

I believe that if the government does not balance the levels of new immigration & visa workers with the needs of its current population, the vast benefits go to corporations. The workforce expands and thus, they don’t need to increase wages. Unchecked legal immigration can create social unrest and exacerbate xenophobia. Everything in life is about balance. Let people in but in a controlled manner.


I like to remind people Obama actually deported more people than all previous presidents. Hillary’s stated policy was also strong on securing the border. I am not aware of any national politicians, left or right, saying we should just open the border and let everybody in. Heck, even Paul Krugman said we can’t do that. Welfare state and open border don’t mix.

So to me illegal immigration is always a straw man.

But building a wall is not helpful. Spiting our peaceful neighbor to the south is not helpful. Calling Mexicans rapists is not helpful. All these are counter productive to the purported goal of securing the border.

The wall is upsetting. But I didn’t join the ACLU because of the wall. The Muslim ban and the assault on legal travel and immigration is the last straw for me.


Total straw man. Raise your hand if you approve of illegal immigration. Nobody? Bueller?

Manch, you joined the ACLU like you donated or you are working for them?


Why is it wrong for businesses to go for the lowest cost? Is it a perception or truth that an American of similar experience, expertise, potential and productivity is being replaced by a H1B because of cost consideration? Is it a right that an American of similar quality as elsewhere to earn supernormal pay, much higher than other inferior nations? Is it better for an American business to flourish by employing some H1Bs or go out of business because of uncompetitive cost structure? Should we treat H1Bs as temps, got full employment employ them, and if unemployment is high, fire them and employ less qualified Americans?


Careful with your language. I think Trump said Mexico sent their rapists and criminals over. He didn’t say all Mexicans are rapists which your statement seem to imply. He also didn’t say all Mexicans staying in USA are rapists because he didn’t say only rapists came over.


Implying the government didn’t balance or misjudge/ mismanage? When the times are good, the pie is big enough for everybody, nobody complain. The problem arises when times are bad, corporate starts employing less people, and certain group of people think they are entitled to certain jobs are not getting a job. One way to manage through economic cycle is to treat H1Bs as temps, and not allowing them to become Green Card holders and definitely not granting them citizenship… so we can let them go during bad times, otherwise, once they become citizens, they are entitled to be employed, enlarging the labor pool and reduce the probability of those born in America to get a job… is that what we want America, the land of freedom, to stand for?