Jason "The Machine" Chan


He’s still going thru his “phase”… :rofl:


It’s his freedom to have family member work with him. I’m not against family business.


Family business is the real business.


Another neighbor selling… how will this one stack up?.. :thinking:


What’s up with your street? Everybody’s fleeing from the haunted house?


Haunted house is next block down. A non-issue.


A little excessive, wouldn’t you say, Jason?


Was that why it got sold below list? What a crook.


Jason and his sis with a 1031 exchange in the Excelsior this time:


Always been curious about how much these townhomes go for…


looks nice, how much do they rent for?


Well, 3 years ago (eons ago in RE time, I know) one went for 990K. With SFHs in the Sunset easily eclipsing 1M, I would venture that this will go for 1.2-1.3M. Personally, I never liked them. They are all narrow, cookie cutter and too tall. Even worse would be if your home is on the 19th Ave side.


The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!

Probably $4.5K or so would be my guess. Not sure if the HOA allows for rentals.

Same here, but I was always curious about this place back when I lived in Sunset because I thought it was a mortuary at first glance (the view from 19th and Lawton looked like an expanded version of the one on 10th and Geary). If I liked tri-level townhomes my property search wouldn’t be so hard…


Should have known. Jason’s sis is double dipping in an all cash transaction :unamused:


My neighbor sold for over $2M


It’s much bigger than 2083


Ok, Mr. Sunset is back to his old tricks… the classic 995 pricing strategy!!! Go, Jason, go!!!


Another double dipping transaction…this one was cheap - seller got robbed by the Chans.


Another day, another dollar for The Machine!!!

How about 457K over asking???


The Machine is back to his old tricks (lowball strategy)!!!