Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

More Companies Start to Rescind Job Offers

The labor market remains hot. Yet businesses in a range of industries are pulling back job offers to recruits they were courting just a short time ago

Will this slow down job hopping?

Adding some perspective for union jobs. After hiring freeze for pandemic we finally took on 3 new hires and waiting to fill 2 supervisor positions. We constantly maintain shortage of manning and overtime is always available, sometimes mandatory hold overtime. Union only able to negotiate around 12% pay increase over 2 years, so 6% per year. Still at a loss if inflation it reported 8+ (really in double digits)

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What kind of work do you do?


Dont want to give too much identifying information, but its related to safety and security.

Oh, ok. All good.

Share as much or as little as you like!

Im probably just being paranoid but I dont want to get caught slippin haha. If you go through a persons comment history you can piece together alot of information about someone, good to keep in mind since alot of people talk about finances here

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