The caravan is fearmongering for elections by Trump and republicans. They are like 2000 miles away and most are traveling on foot. By the time they reach the US it will be months later and most of the caravan would have disappeared into parts of Mexico. How many people can walk 2000 miles. For example they did not move at all on Thursday as one person fell of a truck and died so the whole caravan stalled


Maybe Trump will force Mexico to slow down caravans so that they won’t be able to arrive at the border before the election. That way, he gets the press coverage but has no risk of dealing with the issue in front of the whole world.


Showing this kind of fake emergency messes up people with weak or sick minds, people like the synagogue shooter.


It’s the media who covers the caravan. If media is not obsessed with caravans, most people don’t even know about it


Trump likes to talk about it though.


Trump can talk about anything. He does not own your TV screens.

That synagogue shooter is an avowed anti-Semitite all his life.


So you are telling the media to ignore the president of the united states?


Media does ignore him or others sometimes. Their focus on caravan is because the viewers are interested in this. Also caravan showing might help to mobilize Democrat voters? The abolishing ICE people def love to watch the caravans and they are waiting to protest against any border enforcement.

Are you still for open border? Are you for or against accepting these people as refugees?


Trump is actually enabling the caravan with him picking a fight with Mexico. The last president of Mexico tried very hard to stop the last caravan. The current president is anti-Trump and is more accomodating.


I was never for open border. Who is for open border here? Open border is not compatible with a welfare state. “Open border” is another Trumpian slogan to smear the left.

I am for a more lenient immigration policy, starting with a path for citizenship for people already here for decades and the kids who came as babies.


I remember that you said you support open border a couple of years ago.


Are you for closed border?


I’m for controlled immigration. I don’t think open border can work.

Is there a difference between welcoming illegal immigrants and open border?


In the case of people who have been here for decades, who have worked, paid taxes and raised family here, I say welcome them, even though they came in illegally. Reagan did back in the 80s. You can look at this as testing the people out, sort of like couples living together before tying the knots. These people have already proven they are law abiding citizens and contributing to society. We want people like them and sure, let them stay.

At the same time we should keep our border tight.

In general we need a far more generous immigration program. Immigration built this country and continues to makes it stronger.


I just read that “open border” thread you linked. You still don’t seem to understand it, and I have been trying to explain multiple times there already. :smile:


I remember very clearly that you said to welcome all the people to come in, legal or illegal. That was in 2016 before the elections. The link is from this year and it is not a direct direct evidence, just a vague showing of your affinity for open border


Sure… you know more about me than… me :smile:


Your clear words about open border happened around the same timeframe as your left and right African American neighbor statement. It’s in this forum, you can do a search and modify it before it’s discovere by someone :rofl:


Go dig it out. I am curious about my thoughts in the past.

A completely open border doesn’t work because we give out generous welfare benefits. But our current immigration system is broken. We need a big reform, after we take back the Congress.


So how big of a deal is this “caravan?” At it’s peak there were ~7,000 people including ~2,500 children. Sounds like a lot, but in 2017 there were 300,000 apprehensions at the border. That’s down 80% from the peak in 2000. Even if the entire group makes it to the border, you’re talking about ~2% of the total number of apprehensions from 2017 and 0.4% of the total from 2000. These are the inconvenient facts the fringe right talking heads leave out. Hardly merits calling in the National Guard. Yes, we need a stronger border but fearmongering about “the caravan” is just that. Would love to focus on policy instead…unfortunately that does not win elections.

The biggest issue with the Co-conspirator in Chief is that he’s brought national discourse to the lowest common denominator. The US deserves better.