Also iirc isn’ the current data showing that most illegal immigrants in the US these days are those that overstay the visa and not ones that illegally cross the border?


The fear of “open border” and people storming the US-Mexican border is just to stoke up fear of Latinos diluting the white people in the US. For many it’s really about “other people’s babies” as Steve King of Iowa puts it.


Majority of the democrat voters are actually against illegal immigration. So why does the media and democrat leaders think the opposite?



and we have now come full circle. The whacko this morning blamed jews for assisting the migrant caravan. A total conspiracy whacko but the conspiracy was condoned and provided cover by Trump with him hyping the nothing burger that is the migrant caravan and the extreme right wing media channels that joined him in promoting various conspiracy theories. Trump’s hand is dirty in all these attacks on our people

"I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered," he wrote. "Screw your optics, I’m going in."

Bowers also shared other anti-Semitic comments alongside xenophobic content on the platform. In one post, he claimed Jews were helping transport members of the migrant caravans in Latin America.

He said he believed those in the migrant caravans were violent because they were attempting to leave countries that had high levels of violence. Bowers repeatedly called them "invaders."


Keith Ellison supports open borders as th deputy chair for DNC.

Bernie Sanders is against illegal immigration and BLM. Bernie Sanders is always against open borders. Maybe that’s why some Bernie supporters voted for Trump and against Hillary.

Because majority of the voters are against illegal immigration, some of them are even against legal immigration, I think immigration will be limited by both parties. Democrats will eventually share Trump’s stance on immigration to reduce both legal and illegal immigration.

“ Democrats on the far left appear to be taking their rhetoric against border security, including calls for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, one step too far. Over the past two months, Democratic National Committee deputy chairman and congressman Keith Ellison has passionately and persistently advocated his position that national borders, specifically the southern border, create “an injustice.”

In a recent interview, Ellison suggested that because corporations “can go back and forth across the border seeking out the lowest wages,” regular people should be able to “go back and forth across the border seeking out the highest wages.” Not only is this statement in itself completely detached from reality, but it seems to suggest that if we cannot have wide open borders, then we must not have free trade at all. These remarks come just weeks after Ellison wore a shirt that read “yo no creo en fronteras,” which in English translates into “I do not believe in borders.””


Maybe the gunman got the “Soros backing caravan” idea from this fine Republican Congressman in Florida?


So looks like it’s going to be a mixed midterm result most likely. Dem may get a win, but GOP probably lose House for sure. So it’s GOP on defense.

"So, my rough idea is that if Democrats gain 35-40 seats in the House and limit Republicans to no more than 52 seats in the Senate, it will be a pretty unambiguous victory. Once Republicans start getting to 53 of 54 Senate seats, it will become a mixed night for Democrats, even if they win the House. If Republicans gain a few seats in the Senate and miraculously preserve the House, we can start to talk about whether the night was a win for the GOP, even if Democrats gain 20 House seats. But I am open to persuasion. "



Republican in control of the Senate.
House, voting in progress.


dems seem to have the lead.


GOP had a big win in Senate.

Dem will for sure take the House and Pelosi has started preparations for her new post.


Trump is safe from impeachment but will subjected to endless Hiuse witch hunts. Divided government and a do nothing Congress. Bullish for stocks


How did I miss this Oakland mayor candidate??? :joy::rofl::rofl:


Nobody cares about Oakland on this forum


Use to be @sfdragonboy’s turf.


I still own property there. But no one else seems interested


No, @caiguycaiguy is an owner and he worked the polls. Frankly, are you happy that Libby Shaaf won? Perhaps yes, only because she is probably the most qualified of the lot, which is not saying much.


Today, everybody wins. Dems won the House, GOP won the Senate, Californians defeated rent control.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful outcome!


Who the heck is this Peter Liu guy? Is he mentally ill? This video is out of control. I can’t stop laughing.


William Hung 2.0. Why does it say he’s running against Newsom at the link below? Too busy perfecting his photoshop skills and no time to update his page?