He looks like a pig. :pig:


I’m okay with Libby. The devil you know right.


Personally, I think the job is too big for Libby, an Oakland native. Next year, the Warriors are gone and of course the Raiders. Will she be able to make her mark with say the Oakland A’s and get a killer waterfront ballyard built?


For anyone who has complained about the deficit, this is the worst case for deficit increase. The only way anything will pass is if both parties get all the spending they want. There’s zero chance of decreasing spending. Both parties will refuse to decrease spending in their pet areas, because agreeing to a decrease will look like a loss. Increasing spending allows them to both claim that they won for their side. Deficits will go much higher.


Was there a blue wave? New York Times says “meh” and a “non-wave election”


Omg, some candidate :laughing:




And, you wonder why I was raving about Crazy, Rich Asians? OMG, between this loser and still fallout from William Hung, the Asian American male could have become a dinosaur…


This is bad for democrats long-term, because they tend to be the ones that want to increase taxes. People are becoming against it.


Came across some good visuals:


Thats not bad but you need to add in the governors race. Some states like Wisconsin used to have GOP trifecta: both chambers plus governor. But after Tuesday have governor flipped. Governor has veto and appointment power. Useful in map drawing year.


Here you go:


Willie Brown saw a “blue micro”, no “blue wave”

“ For Republicans, that turned Kavanaugh into a victim. And they got mad.

One of the more interesting places the Kavanaugh kickback showed itself was here in California in the race for U.S. Senatebetween Sen. Dianne Feinstein and fellow Democrat state Sen. Kevin de León.

De León, who ran to Feinstein’s left, actually won far more counties than Feinstein did, even though he lost the race by nearly 10 points. And all those counties were in places where the Republican Party still has strength — away from the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

It’s not like de León is well known in those places. I asked some of my Republican friends in red areas how they’d voted.

“I voted against Dianne. I voted for the Italian guy,” one said.

“I voted for the French guy,” another said.

They had no idea that de León is Latino, let alone that he’s the guy who wrote California’s sanctuary state law.

Maybe it is a new day.”