Milpitas School District Asks Parents to Help House Teachers

Yeah, I mean, have they considered simply building more housing?


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Waiting for ‘nobody forced you’, ‘my tax money shouldn’t help for your bad career path’ comments!

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Most of California’s social problems has our restrictive housing policies as the root cause, most notably homelessness. That’s why I am very excited about the legislative progress YIMBY’s have made at the state level. Someday I will write a post going over the YIMBY wins we have had in just this year. It’s really impressive.

Makes me hopeful about California’s future.


Why can’t teachers live like many of us do, i.e. commute? I wish I could buy a house in Atherton and commute to my work. Or buy a house in Aspen/Sun Valley and Zoom call into work.

I think they do commute.
My older one’s teacher at one point was commuting from Daly city to Cupertino. I had to make sure I was hearing it right from them.

It’s a stressful job even for teachers who are genuinely interested in teaching. You need to get to work by 8 which means you need to leave home early and stay after 3 or work on assignments/grading after school. I even noticed a teacher sending messages on the weekend and planning for next week.


What do teachers do during Summer break?

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More property taxes on non primary/rentals could fund teacher’s salaries.


people who have investment properties should house teachers for free.

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Interesting question…

Why can’t teachers be paid 200K a year, like many of the people here?

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They can be by increasing property taxes on rentals to market values.

Why only rentals? Why not primary home owners? Their kids don’t go to public schools?

There are far more primary homes than rentals.

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Unless more houses are built giving people more money just raises the cost of housing without solving the housing shortage. As a landlord I wholeheartedly support higher wages. Just means higher rents. And even more homeless.

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Exactly! I wholeheartedly agree.

The key to housing shortage is to build more houses. Many, many more. It’s that simple.

Deregulate the goddamn housing market. Build baby build!

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Luckily you’re not the policy maker.

If I were the policy maker, I will use government money to build tons of housing and sell to citizens for cheap.

In other words, just like what Singapore does.


First you have to make them through trade surplus. Not by printing money, creating hyperinflation.

These rich rental people make money by depreciating their rentals yearly, take advantage of fixed property tax at 2% increase, make obscene profits while pushing out hard working people who have only one house in the neighborhoods, making it unaffordable for normal people to buy there.

They need to pay for the schools, just like builders have to pay for schools and low cost housing and environment and yada yada…when they are allowed to build lots!!
Moms for housing!!! -
Bernie Rocks!!


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Made national news. Shameful.

Lol SF, Oakland and now South Bay making national news everyday.

The Woke are proud of it.

And this is relevant to the topic how?