Money Or Happiness?


Apparently a guy in Florida was tracked down by DeeDee Moore and murdered after he won $30m
Maybe the paranoia is justified.


This. Totally agree.


Yes. Happiness is wanting what you already have. Happiness is not having what you want. Getting what you want is an endless trip that only serves to get you to want more, more, more.

Perhaps the lady who won the lottery ticket already has some $$$ – maybe she already has, say, 20M. And perhaps she lives a fairly modest lifestyle. At that point, what good is another 500M going to do? Another 500M might not do anything other than complicate her life.


How much does it take? 10m? 20m?


Why was she buying lottery tickets, then?
Give the money to charity. She will get great press and her high society friends will treat her like Mother Teresa.


$10m is rich
But $500m means you get to fly private…
Being wealthy and anonymous is a lot more comfy than being a rich celebrity


Yes, there are crazy people out there and yes they want your money. This lady will never be able to walk down the street alone and feel safe. Think about that. Imagine you not being able to stroll in SLT because you won FU money. Life’s simple and mostly free pleasures would be no longer available to you…


Last time i check mark z and Jeff b seem to be pretty happy. And they have way more than 500m.

Give it to me then. I can handle it just fine.


Better get yourself a bodyguard.
Alternatively, migrate to Singapore.

Both have bodyguard.


I will get a team of hot Russian babes trained in martial arts. Of course my wife will have to handle the hiring… lol


Guaranteed, they won’t be hot if the Mrs is hiring…


Shu Xin the prettiest Chinese bodyguard.

Chinese bodyguard in training.


Wasn’t his wife russian immigrant?


Yes, exactly why his own wife would not hire anyone hot. My wife can handle most competition but is actually fairly jealous if say I strike up a conversation with pretty RE agents whom I happen to engage with at open houses or if they call me offline to see what is going on with the properties.


I giggled.


My wife now pathetically does occasionally check my phone texts. She knows female agents occasionally tell me where their next open house is and sure if I am in the neighborhood that day I might come by and check out the workmanship. Wife distinctly remembers which agents I said was pretty nice looking…


That’s him



In my dreams…


Did we cover this yet? If so, I will take my 20 lashes…