Money Or Happiness?


That’s what you get for overcharging on prescription drugs!!!


Wow, so it remains Jane Doe…


Don’t courts have more important things to do?




Yes, japan is a very interesting place… You would guess they’d be as strong as US, but for reasons stock market is very depressed…


country too small in size (area)… limits its growth potential.


yeah, i guess. I felt it was way too overcrowded when i went there :slight_smile: south bay was better :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, here come the calls from those long, lost cousins…


Wow, Kate Spade and now Anthony Bourdain. Both beloved in their respective fields and successful from all counts, yet, both end it with their own hands. Why?


Tony was an addict.


Ok, but suicide by hanging??? He didn’t want his reputation to be ruined if he overdosed??? Not seeing it, for Tony or Kate…


He was wickedly funny but miserable aka Lenny Bruce. Never heard of Kate. But talent and misery often go hand in hand. Manic depressive behavior breeds talent and unhappiness


Then, how do average Joes and Janes stand a chance then? I am pretty sure everyone loved Tony. Everyone. He was probably as recognizable around the world as much as Muhammad Ali was once reputed to be. God, who wouldn’t have loved to break bread with this man? Seriously, what a waste.


Vegans hated him. And a lot of people he dissed, I thought he was great. But very unhappy. Sorry not shocked by his death. I figure Zimmerman will die choking on a sandwich.
Average Joe’s have no talent. Hemingway killed himself. No talent slobs like the rest of don’t unless we are druggies.


But, how bad could have life been for Tony? My god. He apparently had free rein at his job. Covered whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. All Tony had to do everyday was just be himself and he would be handsomely rewarded for it. Yes, we all have issues and problems but you gotta milk it or want to stay in the game when you know you have it so good.


I lived with an artistic person for 6 years. She was miserable but extremely talented. You can’t use your logical thinking analysis on artistic manic depressives.
They see things differently than you or I.
Tony like my old girlfriend didn’t like himself no matter how many liked him. Self love is key. If you can’t face your demons and love who you are then life isn’t worth living.


Suicide is a sickness. Normal people in the right mindset would never consider such a thing.


Living things are programmed to fight for survival regardless. DNA is damaged.


Talented people aren’t normal. They are extraordinary. But the have problems we can not relate to. Look at Robin Williams.