Money Or Happiness?


Wow, what would you do???


I am happy to cash it out for her for a small cost (5% of her winnings).


I find her response actually refreshing. My god, that is FU money a million times over and yet she is supposedly hesitant on cashing it in unless retaining total anonymity. Interesting…


I wonder if there is some sort of trust she can set up somehow.


I would totally keep anonymity.


Definitely a story worth keeping our eyes on. I have never ever heard of this. This is not winning a hundred bucks on a scratcher ticket!!! Come on, lady, you can go buy your own island somewhere and do your good deeds granted from afar but I guess for her it is really important. Just think about it, she probably actually wishes she didn’t win. OMG!!!


People will forget her name on the next news cycle. She has issues. The winnings can be used for a psychologist


I once thought whati would do if i happen to somehow find big chunk of money either through selling my company, lottery ticket, inheritance or something.

I think it’s simple:

  1. Buying the house my wife wanted to buy (nothing big, 7500+ sqft lot with 3000sqft craftsman/colonial house) in PA - i am not a PA person at all, but whatever, happy wife happy life.
  2. Buy a hobby car (nothing fancy, 1965 corvette stingray or shelby cobra replica).
  3. Quit job and work on my hobby projects (i value my side projects more than my job wrt learning. I am relatively senior engineer, but i cannot say i feel challanged intellectually).
  4. Take care of some delayed charity, donate somewhat of a large amount to EFF and ACLU.

That’s it.


But Gentlemen, there are supposedly true stories about how lottery money ruined families, marriages and even resulted in deaths. The thing is, you think now that people are after you for your money via phone marketeers, etc, but this is a whole different level. Your life style, the one that you cherish so much, is ruined. Again, money or happiness???


Money. You can find happiness in many things. Money - hard to come by, and takes long time.


Why buy if she doesn’t want to win? Hello?


Wow, you went for the forbidden fruit… i like the honesty


Buyers’s remorse???:grinning:


Happiness is what you make of. I would be happy not working for the man. Would be happy to see wife and kids playing together. Small things bring happiness.


Right, and I think the lady is essentially with you in that thinking but this kind of money literally changes your life now. You can’t walk down the street anymore and just go into your fav bakery without people asking or pointing at you. Kinda like how athletes hate the fact that they also can’t have a simple meal outside in peace without someone wanting an autograph.


i don’t think lottery winners fall to that category, at least not for long. Never been a winner, so can’t tell :slight_smile:


Which is why this lady is very, very interesting. My god, the ticket is signed and validated, go get it right??? But no, she needs to think about it… wow


ok i need to buy some lottery tickets now.

@hanera note this. if i disappear you can assume my net worth to be whatever the jackpot is - taxes.


Senior engineer? Architect or senior architect or senior manager?


I am being vague just for you. And no, you cannot find my salary/compensation from glassdoor/paysa.