Money Or Happiness?


People with no talent also commit suicide. It’s a sickness that can affect anyone.


Yes. But crazy is hard to diagnose.
The thread is money or happiness. Looks like unhappy is a condition regardless of money. Like I said of my old girlfriend… She carried around her own personal cloud.


Unhappiness come from having unfulfilled expectations. Lower your expectations, one would be more happy (or less unhappy). Having said that, can human still live without expectations? I defer the answer to the biologist.

Regardless of how unhappy we are, normal people won’t commit suicide. Many coping mechanisms would kick in to help alleviate the feeling. Happiness is a state of the emotion. Suicide is a sickness.


Logical but incorrect. Crazy people aren’t logical. Depression makes you crazy. Drugs and other circumstances can make you do crazy things even if you were normal
My poor mother in law is going crazy from Parkinson’s disease. You never know what your fate will be.


I think we should separate money vs. fame. A lot of people can’t handle fame. It’s brutal on introverts.


Parkinson’s is bad, but Alzheimer’s is worse. If I had to choose, I would much rather pick Parkinson’s. Lord have mercy amen :scream:


Most can’t handle money either. I personally think the biggest problem today is most people can’t handle change of any kind.
The fast pace of modern living is making more and more crazy. The break down of traditional family life since the 60s has created more crazy people than in all of modern history. Society is falling apart as everyone wants to exercise their individual freedom at everyone else’s expense.


Parkinson’s disease creates hallucinations that make you crazy and possibly dangerous. Alzheimer’s just makes you into a vegetable. Hard on your loved ones. But you just slip into oblivion unaware of how awful it is.


I thought Alzheimer’s is the disease that turns you into an evil little kid. You say mean things to people and hit them for whatever reason. Maybe I got it mixed up with Parkinson’s… :thinking:


In honor of Tony, I am going out to get a burrito with everything on it right now…


I agree on the family unit. I saw a stat that 85% of prisoners grew up without their father in the home. That’s not just random coincidence.

I knew if I was ever arrested the consequences at home would be far worse than the police. Kids need that sort of check and balance in their life. The legal system is way too soft on kids, and people are pushing for it to get even softer. Seattle started building a new youth jail. Now they’ve stopped because of protesters. People think kids shouldn’t be put in jail, so we don’t need a youth jail. You combine that attitude with weak parenting at home, and it’s a disaster. These kids grow up with zero consequences to their actions, and we act confused that they progress to worse crimes as they get older. I have no clue what these people are thinking.

There was a huge push under Obama to stop schools from calling the police. They didn’t want kids to get criminal records, and they thought calling the police unfairly targeted minorities. You see the end result when kids who should have been in jail end up shooting up a school. This whole decriminalization trend is going to end poorly, and it’ll end poorly for the law-abiding citizens.


We can always go back to the middle ages… there we torture suspects until they admit their guilt :slight_smile:


That’s a wide middle between decriminalization and torture. CA is already paying for the bill that created early release for “non-violent” offenders.


I can see the rationale for decriminalization. All the taxpayers’ money will not be enough to support such bloated prison system. Or, we can make the prison system very minimalist…


I’m all for lowering the cost of running prisons. I’d start by making inmates work.


Instead of releasing prisoners and not putting misdemeanor crime in jail. Learn from singapore
just whip their ass. burlgars less than $950 if they break into someone’s home. whip them 50 times, 10 times each once their ass recovers rewhip them. this will make them think twice before committing a crime.

And I’ll volunteer once a month for whipping criminals. labor is FREE to our gov.


They don’t have to carry heavy rocks and build the Mexico wall?


Prison labor: Barbaric and uncivilized :scream:


I see that we are indeed rolling back to the Middle Ages and implementing torture :rofl:

Whipping may not be enough. How about the following…


caning is not torture. People here always say oh yea we should learn from singapore, let’s learn from them then.

your example is too extreme, next thing you gonna bring up 滿清十大浩刑