Money Or Happiness?


Who said we should learn from Singapore? Who??? :rofl:


Dublin/Pleasanton def has better Asian food than WC/Alamo/Danville - Also the Pacific Pearl area is opening on edge of PLeasanton (in Livermore and is a huge asian restaurant /market hub - already ate at a few places there - it’s going to be insanely popular / across from outlet mall where the asian tour buses frequent


WC/Alamo/Danville is an Asian food desert…not a good comparison.


That’s apparently also their life choice!


Scandinavians live in a welfare state…Are they happy because of that? Or are they happy because they live in a stable homogeneous society?


They’re happy because they’re rich.


Who does all the grunt menial work? Every society needs workers


Immigrants from Turkey.


Did they also get syrian refugees?


Those are terrorists. Stick with the Turks.


Those countries built their wealth during a period of capitalism. Then the socialism started. Now they are realizing it’s unsustainable and becoming more capitalist.


Capitalism can never be wrong.


Immigrant labor in Sweden comes at a high price…


I find it funny that not once did the article mention the country or countries of origin of these immigrants.


It’s racist to mention it.


Naw it is statistics. Its ok.


I highly doubt that Swedes are as happy as touted. Does not seem like paradise to me. I bet they leave on vacation as often as possible due to their miserable weather.


Isn’t Tahoe just as cold though?


No Tahoe has mild weather in winter . January highs are in the 30-40s in Tahoe. Sweden is much colder like Canada. Highs can be below zero. Besides if cold in Tahoe I can drive one hour and get warm. Tahoe has a few below zero nights in December otherwise perfect weather. I usally am sweating more than freezing while skiing in bright sunshine. In Colorado I am usally freezing while skiing. Tahoe storms come dump a lot of snow then there is usally mild sunny weather. 10-20 at night. 25-45 during the day.

Tahoe is at latitude 39N. Minneapolis is 45N. Fairbanks Alaska 65N
Sweden is from 60-67 N . More north than anywhere in the US except Alaska. Long cold dark winters.
Tahoe is like SF. Except about 15 degrees cooler in winter and 15 degrees warmer in summer.

The big difference is Tahoe is in sunny dry California where as Northern Europe is cloudy and wet most of the time.

Last summer it was sunny 75-80 every day no rain.
Europe is never like that.


Cold weather breeds industry. Warm weather breeds contentment. Don’t hate the cold. Embrace it.