Money Or Happiness?


I love cold snowy weather. Not just minus zero bone chilling cold dark days like in Northern Europe. I have lived in England and Ireland. Winters there are depressing, gray, dreary bone chilling moist cold and dark even though warmer than Tahoe. Nothing like a bright sunny winter day in Tahoe after a dump of three feet of fresh snow…


The two people that told me Seattle has good weather are from Finland and Scotland.


Another poor family that will never break bread together…


Clearly, Kim is going for happiness with The Donald Pint Sized…


Married and divorced twice. Are there any Caucasian American who is not divorced at least once? Obviously must be married before that.


She’s half Puerto Rican and half Irish. A SF native who married liberal Gavin Newsom. Now dating Trump’s son.

Not reliable in her political belief. But could serve as a high profile #walkaway

UC Davis then University of San Francisco law


I hate to be shallow, but she is cute…


She is hot. Way to hot for Gavin. Left him for the big Apple. Now dating Trump jr.


Is she with Newsom in the picture?





researchers say true passion develops - through being open-minded about delving into a new topic, and being willing to put some work into it.

Develop your passion. You can’t simply find it


Boy, that 8.8M payment aint so lucky after all, eh? Karma…don’t be taking a man’s girl…


Wow… I wonder what the net worth of that defendant is. The judge probably had that figured out before asking him to pay that sum.


That, or he is some psycho number 8 freak like me and wanted to send a message…


Time to head for Singapore…


Where did you get that from? Happiest is Finland.


Interesting, it gives color as to why Singaporeans are not as keen as Hong Kong and China people to migrate to USA. There is not much gain for Singaporeans but huge gain especially for the China people.


Oops, every time I see Singapore it is usually good… never mind


How does a handsome, multiple Academy Award winner, married with 3 kids fall so far from grace??? Was life really so bad???