Money Or Happiness?


Majority of the people are inherently unhappy. To escape from it they create goals, ambitions, entertainment etc, sometimes even religion. At some point or the other things start unraveling. At that point they get into alcohol or drugs, then it’s very hard to get out of it.


I know it’s not PC but artists tend to be nuts. Manic depressive. Right brained people tend to be crazy. Such is life.


That’s a cop out. We are talking about an award winning actor and director. He presumably had some money. He certainly had once a killer gal in Jennifer Garner. What more does a mere mortal man need or should require in one lifetime???


Happiness comes from within. Does not matter what you have or others perceive. I had an artistic girlfriend. She carried around her own personal cloud.


Most highly successful people apparently (because I am not successful I don’t know for sure :smile:) realize that the goals that they spent all their life for, don’t really make them happy. That can be very depressing and make you feel life is pointless.


Again, I won’t accept that kind of answer (I have some time today to chit chat…)!!! Mere mortals suffer in menial, laborious jobs all their lives for a mere morsel and yet they manage to live on somehow.

Ben frankly had it all. Come on, handsome guy, so women were always there for him. He marries Jennifer Garner, a more than lovely gal who seems really grounded. Between Jennifer and his career he must have had a pretty decent stash of cash. He won multiple awards, so he had the movie audience in the palm of his hands.

Come on!!!


Sure, let’s chit chat then. :smile: We are also in the right thread for this kind of discussion.

I would say that mere mortals that you mentioned have a better chance of not getting into this type of problem because they still have a long way to go. On the other hand, someone like Ben, or Bill Gates may have trouble keeping their motivation up. That’s why I admire the way Bill Gates switched his personality

People are temporarily happy when they achieve something, then they go back to their usual mode. Look at all the lottery winners. You would think they would be delirious for the rest of their lives but they are not. :smile:


Just look at his pic. He looks so fat. Of course he is unhappy. I would be crying everyday if I were that fat. Especially if he thinks about the person he once was… :scream:


I agree with @Elt1. Most successful artists are more sensitive to life that’s why they are good at what they are doing. Being sensitive is a double edge sword.

Johnny Depp is also in depp shit.


Look at poor Robin Wiliams.


I wonder what happened to his sea cliff mansion now… did his heirs sell it?


This, is why you cats with kids should not remotely spoil them at all. You are not doing them any favors in life.


True. That is one way parents can ruin their kids’ lives.


I can even claim to my children that I am restraining my success so that they can be happy. :smile:


Yes, more greens please…




Ok, a new way to measure…


Hey Boss, yeah no raise and bonus needed. Actually I need a reduction if anything…


Most people are happy with $1M. Most Bay Area residents should be happy with $5M. @manch needs $25M to be happy.