Mountain View Condo


I am totally cool with it. You guys are all butt hurt by that comment. :smile:

The “3 flags and you’re out” feature is always there. It’s the system default. I just made it known to people.


Yeah, that’s a solid lead.


They’re absolutely different people. 100% sure of that… :laughing:


Jil’s back :slight_smile:


But it’s a dumbed down Jil. He is reduced to posting only 1 post in 3 days. The vibrant poster from before is gone…


Come On, Manch, Maximum Posts Per Interval Now?


The max post per period has always been there as far as I know.


Dragonboy last posted on April 22. He was reading here 40 minutes ago.

Jil last post 2 hours ago, last read also 2 hours ago. Is Jil Vietnamese? It seems a good guess. His way of talking fits Vietnamese style.


How do you know what Vietnamese style is like…


Just from the real life interactions with some Vietnamese guys. Non scientific, just a small sample, but first hand real life experience.


I think Jil is white. But he’s a white immigrant. Asians never bothered to hide their ethnicity. So that means @BAGB is also white.


You people better not be messing with my minority status here! :slight_smile:


There are dozens of us.


Definitely Indian.


Maybe an Indian of Aryan descend? :slight_smile:


I am curious what asian descent us-born people think about this - privacy and all.


I thought @Jil was Indian…
Forgot where I got that impression, though.


The only ABC here is @sfdragonboy but he has gone missing :rofl:

You can see from his action that he does value his privacy a lot but just couldn’t keep his mouth shut in regards to his ethnic background. I think ethnicity to most Asians is like gender… something that’s intrinsic to your existence so you don’t feel the need to hide it.


Oh… but how can I forget @BAJacket. He’s also ABC I think…


There is a difference.

There are plenty of asians in bay area, plenty of indian… But not plenty of people where i came from.

I am a male. That probably makes me one of the male bay area residents. You cannot infer who i am.

The entropy is important.