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Is that robot speech? :rofl:


I also thought @Jil was Indian, but if the conspiracy theory is true then he is actually Chinese :joy:


Why y’all think Jil is Indian??? Indians behave like @RealEstatebull. Does @jil act like @RealEstatebull???



For the record, how do I behave ? Lol


Like an Indian… :rofl:


That’s coz you met me, not the way I post I reckon.


He said so here:


I guess there was a posting where he said he was indian… However, i am not sure (about my memory).


Indians talk aggressively :slight_smile:


@wuqijun is the most aggressive talker and he’s not Indian I think.


He said “correct” does not translate into the fact that he was admitting he is Indian… note @hanera’s subsequent post.


Different kind. Note how maluka talks. RealEstatebull tones down a lot. Initially he talks pretty aggressively.

Hong Kong people talks aggressively too… always think they are the best Chinese… it shows through the choice of words.


Gandhi was Indian too. :wink: Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Pichai too. But they are humble :slight_smile: that is why they are right at the top :slight_smile:


95% bs talking right here folks. Go on topic.


Are you sure that Pichai is not aggressive? How can someone become CEO of Google without being aggressive?


He is aggressively ambitious but don’t talk aggressive :slight_smile:


Aggressively humble vs humbly aggressive?

We need @harriet to translate.


Pichai is not as smart or agressive as some of the vps i know. He seems very soft mannered, maybe the face google needed.


From my city. Really like what Satya is doing at MSFT