Netflix BOMBED. Anyone buying?


Do you want a good work life or a tough one?

Stock can still perform well. I think an extra 30% headcount doesn’t hurt much


it’s less about good work life or a tough one. If you are doubling your company size in short amount of time, you probably should do in a way that enriches the business, diversifies the income and so on.


Indian managers tend to over hire and make the team bigger than needed. Jewish managers are rare. I guess Jewish VPs and CEOs much prefer a lean and mean


Lean and mean is good. People should toughen up. Too nice is too bad. You don’t need to stone people over their thoughts, but someone should tell them the truth.

For about 2 years, i constantly fought with my manager who thought things that didn’t matter actually mattered. only recently he started repeating things i have been saying. It’s telling. I am in ads, and money is the real driver for publishers, not 200ms you will shave off from somewhere that doesnt’ matter for example. That’s just a minor example.


Hulu is eating Netflix’s lunch with their live tv package. Unless Netflix partners with Youtube to offer a similar package, they are doomed.


BOO!!! Nobody watches network TV no more.


If you are a sports fan you do.


Yes, except sports. Facebook is getting into that area. Another reason to be bullish on FB.


Nobody watch sports anymore except e-sports. :joy:

Thought all the big guys are into both live and dead :blush: video streaming :slight_smile:


I don’t see much prospect for HULU. It’s co-owned by a bunch of network dinosaurs that slow it down. All these networks hate each other. Now that they hate Netflix and Amazon even more so they band together. They are still losers.

The one to watch is Disney. It sure has the contents. Not sure it will ever get its tech and strategy together. It’s still afraid to kill its old network cashcows so it’s just tipping its toes half heartedly in streaming.


YT TV is actually surprisingly good.


Buy Netflix shares because of its ‘insurmountable’ lead in video streaming: Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse analyst Douglas Mitchelson assumes coverage on Netflix shares with an outperform rating, citing the unparalleled size of the company’s membership base… Mitchelson started his price target at $500
Credit Suisse’s previous analyst on Netflix had a neutral rating and $330 price target for the stock.

Journalist is hinting at something. NFLX tumbles shortly after :roll_eyes:


The title should be Netflix bombed. Anyone buying IQ and HUYA? to take advantage of the panic selling of the category?


IQ and HUYA are much less than NFLX though. They face lots of competition in china but Netflix pretty much has US and elsewhere in their bag. It’s poised to be the first global TV network. The world has never seen such a beast.


Sure? I have cancelled my sub long ago because it doesn’t have my type of shows :slight_smile:
It also doesn’t have live streaming of gamers playing games.


The streaming scene in China is very fragmented. I like IQ and will buy HUYA again, but they are nowhere near Netflix’s dominance. Sure, there’s always a niche for sports and e-sports.

I wonder why China is so fragmented. There is iQiyi and also Youku, and a few smaller ones. Short video is even more fragmented. The most innovative is Toutiao, the T in TMD. There was a rumor it will IPO in HK soon but the founder denied. I will definitely buy its shares on the first day. That company is super awesome.


TMD = Toutiao Meituan Didi, iirc.
Toutiao is a news site :slight_smile:
Are you referring to Douyin?


Long form video streaming.


Douyin is developed by the Toutiao people. Officially the company name is Bytedance. They are the king of viral in China.

The western version of douyin is also very popular. So China may have a global social networking champion in Bytedance.


That’s what I mean by fragmented. I don’t know why China is like that, unlike the west.