Netflix BOMBED. Anyone buying?


China despises monopoly.


China believes in competition, USA believes in monopoly/ oligopoly?

:+1: China also despises piracy :slight_smile: so there are many short-form and long-form paid subscription video sharing/ streaming platforms :slight_smile:


According to Luke Lango in this article, 5 Stocks That Could Double In the Next 5 Years NFLX won’t double in 5 years. Definitely would for FB, IQ and HUYA.

FB. This is one of the most undervalued hyper-growth stocks in the market. The company owns a ton of valuable digital real estate, most of which the company will start monetizing over the next several years.

IQ. IQ is like a nascent Netflix without any of the big competitive risks. As such, the pathway for IQ to $60 has much more visibility than the pathway for NFLX to $800.

HUYA. Chinese video streaming is a secular growth market. And HUYA is the king of that market. That combination inherently implies huge growth potential ahead for HUYA stock.

Now, praying for investors to throw the baby out with the bathwater for me to grab more IQ and HUYA on the cheap.

Meanwhile, regretting deeply for not buying BIG when FB is down to $150, and didn’t listen to manch to buy FB when FB starts to recover that it is still very cheap.


It’s never too late to buy FB. I am still buying.


Very sad, green instead.



Netflix seems to climbing out of the hole.

Also, another name that benefits from cord cutting: ROKU. Some say it’s building an OS for streaming. I am still forming my opinion.


The entire market is shooting up. So are we going into a recession or not? What happen to trade war? Ain’t we supposed to be weighed down by debt?


Ain’t you say SOGO is a loser? :smiling_imp:


SOGO is still a loser. A search engine? And the 2nd one far behind? No thanks.


out of jerk reaction, bought netflix calls w 6K$. Made 3K. will probably keep it for a bit more. I was planning to buy much more if the price stayed steady until the end of day :frowning: Didn’t wanna sell some other stuff i was holding from phone while i was half sleeping :slight_smile:


Go to @wuqijun’s office for a lecture on margins.


i will have you guys’ shoulder to cry on.


IB has API you can program against. Let your bots trade while you sleep. :smile:


Would have been a better trader than i am, pretty sure. quantopian also can let me backtest that. Too bad they don’t have (or used to not) options data :stuck_out_tongue:


Watching a YY concert. Is conducted in Cantonese?

Meanwhile SOGO defies manch’s opinion. Up more than 10% since I bought it.


What YY concert?


The company YY is not the same?


That guy writes very good lyrics. The stock YY is struggling while MOMO is rocketing up. Really weird.


Given the great entertainment scene in HK (much better than Singapore), puzzle why you and other HK people like Harriet, bear to leave HK for so long.


I was too small to enjoy these so-called entertainment before I moved over. You wouldn’t miss what you never got accustomed to.


Guess I’m the odd ball here. I go to music concerts, disco, play video games, watch MMA fights and enjoy gamers’ video streaming.