Netflix BOMBED. Anyone buying?


HK TV shows and movies are pretty crappy. Young people listen to K pops nowadays so the music now also sucks.


Straight jacket. Don’t tell me you enjoy SF TV shows??? :scream: Do you go dancing?


I go to concerts too, but I am not that into Asian music. My playlist mostly consists of American/British stuff.


What I don’t understand is why are they listening to K pop if they don’t even understand the lyrics.


British are surprisingly good at music.


Because they like whatever is trendy. These people have no character. One of my friends likes Big Bang. I asked her what she likes about them and she couldn’t answer me :unamused:

The inability to grab tickets to Adele’s concert in the bay has been my biggest concert regret ever :disappointed:


I don’t watch movies or tv shows nowadays. Don’t go to concert either. I am the world’s most boring guy. :smile:


the kooks i listen to, they had a concert recently.


I listen to oldies such as Waiting for a Girl like You

New wave? Prefer I don’t like Mondays.


Songs for you, Money, money, money and I will survive.


Don’t think I’ve ever listened to their music. I did however go to Jess Glynne’s concert at the Mezzanine in SOMA two years ago. I was literally ten feet away from her. Such a good deal.


Nflx was saved today, by whom?


By the forum. :smile: too many bottom fishers here.


I thought @hanera is waiting for it to drop down to 100 to buy it…


In that case keep on waiting. :smile:


Just had time to listen to the songs you linked. The first one is pretty good - will add it to my playlist :slight_smile:

If you like oldies you should like Adele’s music. She nailed Bob Dylan’s cover.


Just saw Netflix rebooted Meteor Garden. Wow. Didn’t know they have original shows in Chinese. Bullish!


I thought you hate F4.


The new show doesn’t have F4. I don’t know who they are but they aren’t good looking. Not to me anyway but what do I know.


If you didn’t like the original, copycat is going to be a horror… :rofl: