Netflix BOMBED. Anyone buying?


F4 is a fictional group in the drama. Every Meteor Garden has F4 :woman_facepalming:


Busted. :smile: I didn’t watch any previous meteor garden (how many are there?) and won’t watch this one either. But the new men are noticeably uglier than Jerry Yan 言承旭. Wait, he’s in the original one, right?


Chinese actors are always uglier than Taiwanese actors… :rofl:


As far as I know, there are four (Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, in that order). I’ve only seen the Japanese one because the original Taiwanese series was too long and I don’t like men with long hair.


The last Chinese one is not the Netflix one right? So Netflix is No.5?


It is the Netflix one. Target audience is probably Gen Z; I doubt anybody that watched the previous versions would want to see another reboot again.


Love it. More Chinese/Cantonese/Korean/Japanese/other Asian content please.


Subscribe to iQiyi, have all above + Netflix shows/ movies.


I don’t really watch Asian content. I’m a fake fob. I watch a ton of Food network…

I just like to see American companies target their customers better.


They are doing correctly then. Asian = 5% of US population :slight_smile:


Sounds like a gladiator ring.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings used ‘keeper test’ to fire product chief - Business Insider



Netflix has a very well done IR site:

They have video interview after every quarter’s earning report. So far I have not seen anyone else done it. Very investors friendly. Also a “Long Term View” essay and FAQ for investors.


We are in no rush to push margins up too quickly, as we want to ensure we are investing aggressively enough to continue to lead internet TV around the world.
We want to offer a differentiated service. We are focused on becoming an expert programmer that provides a high-quality, curated offering and therefore our content library has become increasingly exclusive.
We currently expect to generate free cash flow of approximately -$3 to -$4 billion in 2018. Beyond 2018, with continued success, we will invest more in originals, which would continue to weigh on FCF, even after we achieve material global profitability. As a result, we anticipate being free cash flow negative for many years.

Do you think is cautious to invest in negative cashflow business in today’s environment? Rising interest rate which translate to rising cost of capital, and rising US dollar which translate to lower profit.
IMHO, avoid.


At the right price why not?

Very likely Netflix will go below 100B.


Their FCF is massively negative though. -3B this year, and guidance is -3B again next year. Debt is 8B and cash 3B. Stock has a long way to fall it seems.


Don’t understand NFLX like I don’t understand TSLA. Prefer to stay away.


It’s a very old model. Same as cable TV except they sell direct to customer instead of selling to Comcast to bundle in a cable package. Cable TV channels make their own original content and license content from others.


Netflix on SNL. #Bullish.