New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


Nice , AZ worker not sleeping.


In the Bay Area (IN the San Diego Area too) you have to do something pretty bad to get pulled over. Driving while waiting for a DMV appointment is no big deal. I would just a copy of my DMV appointment in the car or on my cell phone. Even if you get caught on a Red light camera not coming to a full on red they still have you listed as having a license.


At one point the line got up to 6 people. Workers were then called from in back to man service windows. All this is of course paid for with a much lower tax base.


I’m out here selling my home, settling my mom’s estate, and driving like an old(er) man assuming that the AZ plate is like having a target painted on my car. Not sure how those red light cameras work; I no longer have a plate on the front of the car (AZ only issues one for the rear)


I got pulled over several years back for driving at 2am in the morning for doing absolutely nothing wrong.


2AM is when all the bars close He was probably looking for drunk drivers. I got pulled over for that many years ago when I was driving tired. I guess I was weaving in the lane. No ticket though.


People driving at 2am are usually up to no good…


What prevents a person from driving without being licensed, as long sa he always keeps a rolling DMV appointment in his phone, if that works? Registration and insurance can always be under somebody else’s name. The officer wouldn’t even know who he just pulled over.


You don’t keep a picture of your license in your phone?


He was, but I was not weaving at all. He went “since I can’t smell alcohol in your breath, I’ll let you go this time.” So ridiculous.

Working until 2am was definitely not good.


Maybe she needed an avocado toast fix???


I keep a picture of my license, registration, and insurance on my cell. If someone breaks into your car , I don’t like them know where I live.


Were you driving a red BMW? People driving a red BMW at 2am are definitely up to no good.


On the other hand if you got pulled over you’d have to hand your phone to the police. Paranoids like @tomato would NOT like that.


No. What’s wrong with a red BMW?


Red sports cars in general are just begging for trouble.


Actually white BMW is the worst. My bias was correct!

Urban legend says that red is the color that gets pulled over more often, but red actually came in second place in this study. The top color is white, with gray and silver coming in third and fourth place, respectively. It seems like flashy-colored cars don’t get pulled over as often as we think.


That’s a good idea. Is it legal to replace some of the paper documents, even if not all of them?


Does photo of registration work?
I would certainly love to do that. I share the same concern.