New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


Hmm, we may need to find out the correct up to date answer from the CA DMV. Anybody willing to take a day off to wait in line to ask these questions???:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I still have my August 9th appointment. :rofl:


Try making an appointment. They are 2-3 months out. Some can’t wait. Or risk arrest with an expired license. The State of California has made illegals martyrs and citizens criminals.
All those who had stand one line will vote Republican


I did not say to drive on an expired license. That’s just plain stupid. You know years ahead of time when it is going to expire. If you lose your license, get your wallet or purse stolen, there’s no reason your can’t wait for an appointment to replace it. Somebody said about buying a car too. I am the poorest person on this forum now that buyinghouse is gone, and I have been buying new cars for over 30 years. The dealer takes care of all the DMV paperwork.


AAA does registration too. But you are only allowed 2 months notice on a drivers license. My wife had to wait in line 4 hours or drive with an expired license. Waiting 3 months for an appointment is insane. Hire AAA to process licenses. They actually care about their customers


Too far???:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:



Funny how the article doesn’t mention the real reason…If they hadn’t given drivers license to illegals this issue would never have come up. Plus when they knew they had to issue real ids they should have staffed up…thanks again to Democratic arrogance and contempt for real citizens.


You are missing the point. DMV website makes every effort to discourage people from getting REAL ID. They have long section comparing why you shouldn’t get one.

CA does not like anything that can be used to identify criminals.


The arrogance and stupidity of liberals is scary. Criminals have all the rights and the liberals are doing everything they can can to disarm and damage hardworking taxpayers. Everyone that stood in line at the DMV will vote Republican this year.


Agreed. Does it make sense that my wifey was turned down just because she was too early? I mean, if anyone wants to incur the expense and spend the time to wait for the ID he/she ought to have the right to it. Hey, this was the day that she happened to be free and was willing to wait. You mean your dinosaur computer system can’t sign up someone early? Unbelievable…


I have a september appointment to get the realid. I do not need it as i have other compliant ids, but i am getting it to protest. Why the hell is california so late for this…


Yesterday KCBS had a piece on all the legal help being given to the illegals. Among other things activists were complaining that illegals stepping forward to sponsor other illegals awaiting a hearing were having their immigration status checked by the Trump administration and thus were at risk of being deported. This wasn’t being done by the Obama administration.
The more this whole fuss teaches me about the status quo the more outraged I get.


Illegals! Illegals! Illegals!

Funny how people are being so worked up over nothing. :smile:

How many “illegals” are jamming up your precious DMV everyday?


That’s not the point. When did legal residents/citizens become 2nd class citizens???


The illegals getting licensed means the rest of have to wait in line. Plus they get free in state tuition when out of state Americans have to pay thousands more.
Enough is enough. Stop the liberal madness.
Get rid of one party rule. Time for a Republican takeover of the state


When you have to wait in line 8 hours you will change your mind.


But, but, you all love me, no???




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She playing with Trump Jr now…