New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


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DMV has always sucked. Are you saying it used to be a stroll in the park?


Compared to now yes. Go see for yourself. Plus you can’t get an appointment for months. This Real ID process bullshit is a game changer and an assault on legal Americans. Time for national ID cards.


Next time someone tells me the government should run healthcare, I’m going to tell them to go wait in line at the DMV then get back to me on if the government should be in charge of running healthcare. I guess it would solve all the budget issues, since many people would die waiting before getting treatment.


I have had to wait months for building permits. Most Americans are unaware of how awful government services really are.


My wife got real id last month. No appointment and only 2 hours. You guys are just doing it wrong. Go back and think thru your process.


Which location???


2 hrs is good? Should take 10 minutes

Besides you used to able to renew By mail
Let AAA handle it

Then make everyone without a passport stand in line for a National ID card. They mail me mine


Key is go in late afternoon. Late enough so you don’t need to wait too long, but before they cut the line for the day.

Going early in the morning is the wrong move.


Location, please!!!


You still can, and renew on web too. Just not the real id.


San Mateo. I renewed mine in Daly City last year or so and same, 2 hours or so. Location doesn’t matter.


I can attest to going to Daly City late…


Never used to a line in South Lake Tahoe. Now people drive up here from Sacramento and Placerville
Insane. Even Democrats in the legislative cesspool are upset.


i took my driver’s license test in santa teresa 6 years ago.

just get an appointment and wait.


This is America god damm it. We are not patient people. We demand service and now. We will not put up with this horse shit. The Canadians are patient they waited till the British left. We went to war. Fight the bureaucracy. That is the American way.



Oh, is that a 3D printed machine gun???