New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded



It’s called liberator.


You guys are all terrible planners. You should not waste your time at the DMV for something non-urgent like applying for the REAL ID. Even two hours are too much. My driver license is up for renewal next year in March. I am planning to get on the DMV web site in October for a January/February appointment.


But I think you would agree that if you have the time and want to wait that you should be given the opportunity to get the Real ID, even if it is not within your time window yet.


No not really. Nothing wrong with carrying a passport. I’m going to renew for the REAL driver license so I can kill two birds with one stone.


For those of you that have been complaining about illegal immigrants making the lines longer at the DMV, remember if they don’t have licenses they can’t buy insurance. If they get in an accident with you , you definitely want them to be insured.


My wife was blind sided by this crap. Had no choice.
She remembers waiting in line for bread in Moscow.
She is appalled this is happening in America
The Democrats have turned California into a Stalinist hell hole. Like I have said for years, the general public has no idea how hard it is to get a building permit.
They should make welfare as difficult to obtain.


And if they’re deported they can’t cause an accident in the first place.


Instead why didn’t the government come out with a special license for illegals. Instead of making citizens have to have one. They contaminated my license without my consent. Collusion. As in conspiracy to defraud the citizens of California.

All they had to do was put a stamp on the illegals cards… not a citizen of the United States…


That totally doesn’t compute, especially coming from a millenial. The generation that expects instant gratification from effort (when that effort was a one-timer perhaps) expended…


The fact that I am on here getting bullied by old geezers like Yoda already doesn’t compute. Poor me :crying_cat_face:


Sorry, but I do appreciate your participation (from a female perspective) here…


I love California. This hell hole is very comfortable for me. :sunglasses:


You never got too see the paradise it was. I miss the California I grew up in… Right now I am fighting the City of South Lake Tahoe. They are trying to rip me off on their inspection program…My wife just spent several weeks , calls emails to get our deposit back with fastrack…Everytime I deal with government it is a disagreeable…They met there match with my Russian wife…She will go to the mat to get back a nickel…


I like this eagle picture,
i saw a bald eagle one time,sometimes there’s hawks come to my yard too


You talk like a Russian-controlled American :crazy_face:


She taught me how to negotiate. Americans believe in win win fair negotiations.

Russians want to win at all costs. Putin will eat Trump for breakfast. And Trump thinks he personally is the best negotiator of all . What an idiot


@acre, are you retired in AZ? How did you zero in on where you would settle in AZ?


Make the government smaller so they can do less harm to citizens.

Deregulation is the best way to shrink government.


6200 ft.
That was the main thing. I also didn’t want traffic. And in AZ even the small towns have lots of places to eat, unlike in CA where the taxes and regs kill small business. The combined towns of Strawberry and Pine have 4500 people, 35 businesses, and over a dozen places to eat. Payson, at 15,000, is 25 minutes away for the movies, etc. but even Pine has it’s own library with videos, etc., wifi, local papers and free coffee. Visited three times before buying. Rural living with all the amenities. Making a run with stuff tomorrow, leave at 4am, expected arrival in Strawberry at 6pm. - my house is in escrow and I’m still settling my mom’s estate.


I just looked up what is costs for fees and permits for a 2500 SF house in Eldorado county.
Almost $60k. Including huge school and road fees. That doesn’t include a well, septic, propane, PGE hookup and other bullshit fees.

So it costs at least $100k before you can even pour the foundation. Plus land $150k min and $500k in construction costs. $750k min to build in Eldorado County. Actually probably a lot more. A $200/SF build is bare bones, especially when it includes architect and consulting fees.
No wonder there is a housing shortage.

The environmentalists and nimbyies have brought the BA anti growth disease to the rest of the country.
So there will be housing shortages wherever there are jobs.
And people demand that housing is a human right.

Why is the county charging $100k per house for a human right?