New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


100k doesnt sound that big to be honest, compared to the full amount.


It is huge considering you can buy a house in New Haven for $60k. Your using the bureaucrats line. Why not charge $30k for road mitigation( which Eldorado county does). After all, new home builders have little political clout. If stupid renters figured out controlling the cost of development is more effective than rent control these policies would change over night.
The same liberal thinking as health insurance. Instead of trying to make it more cost effective and therefore more accessible.


In most of the country, the entire cost is $150-250k. That gets you a brand new home.


I get that, but in california even if permits were free you still pay 650k excl. Land still


$500k plus land and fees. My guess you don’t get a great new house anywhere for $150k. $250k maybe for a 1800sf where wages and land prices are low like Texas. But Hanera is paying close to $400k for much smaller houses in Austin.

My point is if liberals and bureaucrats insist housing is a human right, why put a $100k tax on it?

Redfin bombed. Anyone buying?

Put words in my mouth? $400k??? So high!!!


Liberals tax human rights heavily? What a bunch of morons! 100k tax on a family’s human rights? Many family’s human rights were deprived by these 100k tax


Here is the ultimate insanity of liberal thinking. They want everything for free. Which ends up with no one getting anything. Human rights is code for steal everything from producers and give it away.
The problem is that leads to a path where nobody produces anything aka Venezuela



This shit might get Cox elected. I hope the Republicans are savvy enough to exploit this and the gas tax and Prop 10. If so these can negate the Trump haters


Are the candidates taking a break now? I heard nothing from Cox and Newsom


Simple solution. Get rid of the phoney licenses for illegals.



Blame the Democrats, again!!!


No wonder lawmakers don’t give it a damn. They have their own special DMV office just for themselves. :rage:






Maybe that’s how you got picked for jury duty!!! (LOL)


They like to complain sheriff, if they had brains instead of tongues they would go online and make an appointment. That what we did when we renewed our CDLs. These complainers should have left this state long ago, but they know they won’t make the same $$$$ anywhere else, I wonder why? And, anybody not living in CA, please, attend your state’s problems…:smiley::smiley:

These people think that CDL is the only problem in CA or anybody else, try to get your American passport, and then you will say that this is not about liberals or conservative, it is about the DMV, or the post office, well known by it since the times Reagan was in CA and Arnold the “I will be back” baby was in office.

When I got my American passport, I found out that standing in line at the post office anywhere in San Jose was a nightmare. You would find a long line, and after 3 hours of waiting, you were #51, and they only accepted 50 people.

For my passport, I made a phone call, and after a favorable answer, I just went to Los Gatos office, no lines, no waiting, easy peachy.