Next 10x Stock Winner



BTFD or is start of bear market?


Zuo is interestingly.up, after being down significantly
Looks like deqdcat bounce.


Waiting for VEEV to decline more before purchasing more :slight_smile: Current avg purchase price is $76, today almost drop to it.


SHOP tumbles again? Close to my avg purchase price of $146.



Slaughtering of pigs continue. SHOP has declined below my purchase price of $146, ATH was $175.11, 17.5% decline is a correction, more than 20% is bear territory. Buy n hold 10x is a disaster :cry:. Buy n hold is for F10s :hugs: PANW and UBNT are above my liquidated price in early May. Rest are below.



Technically, SHOP might be in a downtrend to $90s.

SHOP selloff hits key support levels


My TEVA is making good money :slight_smile: Bought 1000 shares yesterday.


What’s the bull case for TEVA except WB?




Being Israeli is a risk. I am eyeing some Chinese pharma instead.


They have created a brand new country with strong economy, technology and army. I don’t know if it’s a real risk or not.


You don’t want to build your mansion in the middle of a slum. Israel is in one of the world’s worst and most dangerous regions. To top it off they treat their neighbors with contempt and actively killing them off.


Israeli’s are technologically advanced in many areas. They are the best ally of USA, sharing bilateral secrets with USA.

The entire public cryptography, whatever runs across the world, was found by them too partnering here. Without this public cryptography, no major internet exists now.


Should You Buy Shopify Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons.

Holding 300 shares at $146. All profits evaporated.


My avg price on SHOPis $123.67. It’s testing the 50-day. It was below it back in April. The 100-day appears to be the strong support. It’s still growing like crazy and they are starting to sign-up Fortune 500 companies.


So bold - what happened to your onesie twosie strategy…


$24k is big deal?


Big deal compared to whatever one share of junk you bought before.


Follow some and don’t follow some conversations. Too lazy to explain.


Reference conversation with wuqijun, plan to go on 30% margin on AAPLs, so plenty of “money" to invest. Reference that I have many accounts and do diversification/ asset allocation i.e. I compartmentalize investing. 10x is in one account. F10 is in one account. TEVA is in another account. VOO is in another account. $ from RE is from another account. Blah, blah, blah.