Next 10x Stock Winner


ZUO had a good run for the past month. Time to give back.


Small base is easy to have high return.
10x or mad money account,
Ytd 102% (contrary to manch’s experience, 2018 is good for small caps)
Since Aug 28 145%



Did not know he’s a felon. He’s still doing the same thing though.


Yes, he is well known for that and covered by legal team !



How come nobody talks about real estate anymore? :smile:

Here’s another potential 10x’er I haven’t seen people talked about yet. Greensky, sort of a fintech play from Atlanta. Actually turns a profit. IPO’ed not too long ago.


You poisoned the whole forum with your stock speculating antics that’s why… :rofl:


You need to share more of your RE adventures to get people excited. We were counting on @tomato but turns out he’s just a poser.


Mr. @tomato potato, here’s your chance to clarify your stance once and for all! :rofl:


What? What is my advanture?


APPF was in original list but nobody picked up on it. Here’s what we missed. Anyone who has property manager knows they are use AppFolio software.


That’s the software mine uses. I wasn’t sure how big the market is. They are doing great.


Guess the speculative stock., average volume is more than 1M, total sales is 20M+,Missed EPS estimate, crazily tripled in a month.


This is the POT stock TLRY. Even after Citron shorted the stock, TLRY jumped 18% today. For the first time I am hearing that CITRON gets a direct hit for shorting.

This is going crazy, like BitCoin now, with 3x volume after Citron shorted it !

Warning: This is only for speculators, I do not suggest TLRY…Scary


Result out, share price tumbled. Add to NTNX? Or sell out?
Nutanix Inc.'s Margin Improvements Accelerate by Ajit Sharma of TMF. TMF recommends and pumps NTNX :slight_smile:



The transition out of hardware to software only reminds me of the TWLO transition of losing Uber as a customer. If you exclude the declining HW sales, the revenue is growing at a great rate. TWLO revenue was growing at a similar rate once removing the loss of Uber revenue. Once the prior year comparables don’t include HW revenue, then the revenue growth will be huge. The even better news is the software business has higher gross margins.


I agree with the @marcus335. Hardware was a 0 profit business for NTNX. So buy. Not sure what price to enter though.


I shorted puts ($50) just to be safe. I feel any price below $50 is worth the risk.


Will this kill Splunk? What do you think @zensri?

• Search software company Elastic (ESTC) files for an IPO of up to $100M. The company wants to list on the NYSE under the ticker “ESTC”.

• Elastic software helps companies embed search functions in their apps. The Elasticsearch software is open source, but Elastic makes money through a subscription version that counts Uber, Adobe, and Sprint among its clients.

• In the most recent quarter, Elastique reported $56.6M in sales (+79% Y/Y) with a net loss of $18.6M due to increasing costs for R&D, sales, and marketing. In the FY18, revenue grew 81% to $159.9M with a $52.7M net loss.


Ain’t every developers know how to do that with Google?