Next 10x Stock Winner


No, it won’t. Both have completely different purpose and we use both.


You used both in what ways?


Splunk is mainly used in processing server logs. Elasticsearch helps in querying your data. Different use cases and they both suck at each other’s use case.


My 10x is not that bad :slight_smile: in a sea of red. I see green.
I hesitated to sell some IRBT, bad boy. Only lightened up on SPLK and VEEV before going on vacation.


PANW, UBNT and SQ new ATHs.


Do you still own PANW?


Liquidated PANW around high 190s when I liquidated the account around May.
Didn’t buy back, was too busy messing with China stocks :cry:
Those three stocks, PANW, UBNT and SQ, supposedly to be bought (back)… totally didn’t monitor because of distraction. I am always distracted… is also why I don’t want to trade… try to find buy n hold candidates.


SHOP is recovering :slight_smile: finally. tomato is jumping high and low. ecstatic.


Another stock that is at support :slight_smile: Look like today is not judgement day. Monday? Tuesday?


yeah i loaded shop at something like 140? i expect to go up more :slight_smile: I sold my ubnts too early (calls), but not regretting much.


Ntnx up 4% after hours. Not a huge up, but curious why it happened…


May be this


I think their software sucks, and there’s literally nothing special about it other than being a web-based cloud app. They are growing like crazy though. It’s missing some REALLY basic functionality, and the search doesn’t even work.


The hottest stock on the planet now is one 40+ year old hardware company called AMD.


Not impressed by your recommendation. Have you told me in late 2015/ early 2016, I can bring your family to a Michelle star restaurant for dinner. Now, nothing, nada.

AMD rocketed 18x over 3 years!!


Not a momentum guy?


Momentum guy is a trader :slight_smile: buy high sell even higher.
Swing trader buys pullback (usually to SMAs or horizontal support) and then sell high.

Investors either DCA purchase blindly or use margin of safety :slight_smile: 30% :slight_smile:

You don’t think AMD looks parabolic?

Btw, what cause AMD to rocket after the 1 year consolidation (2017)?


AMD started fabbing their server chips on TSMC’s 7nm node. That completely turned me around into a rabid AMD fanboi. TSMC will forever lead intel on process and AMD will thus become the supplier of x86 chips on the most advanced process node.

HUGE game changer.


Not a DXP student? What did he say about cats?


I am. Are you offering to be the cat to earn $ for me?


I am yellow, neither black nor white. :smile: