Next 10x Stock Winner




for a second i thought you said ubnt was 140, and i almost fainted.


I think @hanera has gained more from AAPL within the last month than anything @manch has ever made from the stock market his entire lifetime…


How much did @hanera make from AAPL last month?


Let’s discuss this matter privately at tomorrow’s gathering… :rofl:


Well AAPL rose 7% in the last 30 days. How much do you think he has? Just multiply that with 7%.


So impatient… couldn’t you wait til tomorrow? :rofl:


How much should it (in absolute dollars) be before it is higher than yours?


It’s a LONG read but a good interview with SHOP CEO.

He does mention being in Toronto helps them. They don’t have turnover every 18-months like Silicon Valley. It also allows them to invest more in their employees.


SHOP trading at $155!!! tomato is enjoying his ill-gotten profit quietly.
10% gain in share price could translate to 100% profit in calls, depending on his strike price/ month of the call.
Meanwhile, manch continues to trash SHOP and Canada.


Sitting on about 50%.


I only trash SHOP. I love Canada.



your chart show tons of info but not clear what is it saying. Look at mine. Less info but message is clear :slight_smile:


What’s the message?


Try to instil FUD?

At support. Monday indicates is UP. Now up $15 i.e. 10+%
Made half of tomato’s gain (he erased the number from the post). Rolled them up, so may end up losing :frowning:


NTNX has been going nowhere since Mar. Serious fundamental issue?


i am getting a bit edgy over this :slight_smile:


It’s the transition away from HW to all SW. It’s going great. One all HW revenue is gone the yr-yr revenue increase will be 40%+. It’s just like when TWLO was losing Uber as a customer. Once that ends the stock will :rocket:


Short put $50, assigned price $48, right at 200-day SMA.