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NTNX did take a huge dump today :confused:


You have no one to blame but google. :smile:

The Information reports that Google (GOOG -1.1%)(GOOGL -1.2%) Cloud execs are taking to large customers about bringing the services into private data centers.

• Sources say Google is building custom computers that combine server, storage, and networking functions that would allow large customers to run the private data centers.

• Earlier this year, Google announced a version of container software Kubernetes that runs in customers’ data centers.

• Private cloud competitor Nutanix (NASDAQ:NTNX) drops 9.7% to $47.40 after the report.


or maybe google will just acquire them.


I like how they correlate. SQ is also down big time, along with some others.


Big bad trump is going to say some shit after close. Watch out.


i thought he already did wrt tariffs, no?


Trump Says He’ll Make ‘Announcement’ Monday After Market Close


“Right after close of business, we’ll be announcing something,”

I like the way he talks. “we’ll be announcing some stuff, that will knock your socks off”.


I have never donated so much money for political candidates. I will make a few more rounds for the Dems. I really, really hate this guy and his cronies.


i don’t see much of wrongdoing publicly, behind the scenes is anyones game. Tariffs, etc are all fine. You enjoyed the run up coming from tax cuts, didn’t you?


No it’s not just the tariffs. And no they are not fine. Read the interview with Seth Klarman.

#2410 i wonder if this had impact on square.


m’ still waiting. what’s the news.


Some people are aware of Google plan. Unfortunately our in-house Googlers are not. Losing $1.50 per NTNX share.


it’s not like google is 100 people company :slight_smile:


Fake news?


SHOP rocking hard, tomato laughing to the bank, Manch continues to trash it missing the train :grinning:


Retail industry is being disrupted, some go the e commerce route, many are multi channel and SHOP is best of breed, even AMZN can’t beat it. So sky is the limit till a credible competitor arrives. BUY🤩

NTNX is back to green. My 10x is super. Now I need to salvage China stocks, praying :pray: your view is wrong :face_with_monocle:


The NTNX news of google competition was fake news.


I am betting with Bezos not against him. Netflix went up 5% today too. I am not missing much without that crappy SHOP. :smile:

SQ is the one to bet on offline-online retail mixup.