Next 10x Stock Winner



Over 50% of Amazon’s volume is FBA. I’d love to see what percent of that volume is using SHOP.


Betting on multi channel is a bet against amazon dominating the online retail space. Where else are FBA merchants’ revenue coming from outside of amazon?

We also have square moving into the space with their webby purchase. Shopify can still be a good business but I don’t see a strong moat that justifies its high price.


I am hoping SQ and SHOP would merge :grinning:


SQ bought webby remember?


It should be weebly.


No need to worry about Weeny or Feebly.


SHOP to recover from consolidation :slight_smile:
10x ATH thanks to SHOP even though lost $1.50 for each NTNX shares again.
Google thinking about starting HCI might not be fake, may be still on drawing board which could include an NTNX acquisition (hopefully?)



Despite manch’s trashing, SHOP continues to rocket, $10 from ATH, about 6% more. In less than 2 weeks, shot from $130 to $167 :slight_smile: Whopping 28% jump.


Shop is nearing its peak, technical triple top, very likely to go down. Fundamental, I do not know


Tops are so far away?


While some bloggers spent inordinate amount of time debating about trade wars, 10x is generally moving in the right direction :slight_smile:



except SHOP and NTNX.




Not scared of @Jil’s double top?


Double top over. He thinks would be triple top, not the opinion of the site he linked. Likely a pull back around $175s, to probably $160 or thereabout. No big deal. Trade it if you want. Too lazy to act.




Give it up. Buy something already in up trend, like TWLO or SQ.


VEEV is just as good. SHOP is in a bull trend too. Short-term chart looks better than TWLO and SQ.


With rate hike due next week, market may likely react and shop will also be victim of it easily. If I see my crystal, except NTNX, all others are risky with rate hikes (SPLK,SHOP,VEEV,UBNT,IRBT,SQ) for buys.

NTNX reached low, but I do not know what will happen with new tariff hits 09/24 and rate hike on 09/26.