Next 10x Stock Winner


I am pretty ruthless in selling my losers, unless I feel that I know enough about the company to take a contrarian stand. Companies like amazon and Facebook I know well. NTNX I doubt many people know it all that well unless you work in that space.


I am inline with you, AMZN, FB are well known cash rich, profit making companies and established companies to take/grab the falling knife !

Esp, during the rate hike period, losses will add-on with already loss making unit.


Susquehanna is worried about competition from VMware and NetApp , as well as from cloud infrastructure companies like Microsoft .

Old news.

Rumor has it that NTNX would sell 2.45 million shares thereby diluting current shareholder. VERY BAD if true.


so that’s probably priced in? if rumor has it. it’s down more than 30% no?


Bold high-lighted is the assumption, that you need to analyze and make sure it is right.

It posted wider than expected loss. Competitors are Google and MSFT, they say (I do not know). This company is making loss after loss every year/qtr.

Do you see any positive growth possible? If you know clearly, you can hold or buy.

BTW: I am not suggesting buy or sell or hold, but holder must analyze the companies profitability


I am aware not everything is priced in, if they were we would always have step function stock growths, not gradual ones.
It was hyphothetical, things like that don’t stay secret for long.




TWLO also ATH.


Square stock posts best day in 19 months after company is likened to the FANGs - MarketWatch


will probably roll some of my sq gains into fb. or not?


Never sell your winners.




ok i’ll keep. :stuck_out_tongue: taking investment advice from strangers :stuck_out_tongue:


MAGA :grinning: don’t listen to anyone not wearing an :watch:


Some wise guy once said square is aiming to be the OS of small businesses. Great goal.


Series 1?


was it me ?


Are you wise?




In another news both Nvidia and Netflix have about the same market cap at 160B.