Next 10x Stock Winner


Question for everybody…

Soo… how do I play AMD now? Gains are 200+% i.e. 3x in an IRA account, so no short term tax implications. Should I sell? :slight_smile:


If you sell what are you going to buy with the proceeds?

Fang, ant, bat

probably nflx or fb. FB is probably lower risk, but I have too much of it already.

Fang, ant, bat

i just sold my sq calls, in favor of fb, in roth ira. still keeping about 20% of them, though.


Green :grinning: even NTNX is green :joy:
SPLK, SHOP and VEEV were in the OP’s list.




We miss this super duper stock, TSLA. A new IPO? Up more than 15% I think traders are selling my 10x to buy this hot IPO. Few of my 10x drops over 2 %.


Haven’t I told you to buy it last Friday? Too bad you never listen to my positivity but only to @manch’s doom and gloom… :rofl:


I have repeatedly telling everyone TSLA at $270 is low even though I never expected settlement so soon.

TSLA compensated all book losses of TEVA. Now, I hold TEVA and TSLA almost same percentage!

Pathetic situation: one of close friends, asked me how TSLA on Friday, inspiite of my positive feedback, he shorted the stock thinking potential lower value, has to pay the fine

Today, someone posted his options (Naturally, not mine)


Can’t kiss all the babies. Staying away from things I don’t understand.


It’s been mentioned in this thread:


shop? wtf?


FANG, ANT, Cloud Kings, 10x slaughtered.



what news did i miss?


This is aftermath of Rate Hike last week, I was expecting this show down before Oct 10th. Today or next 5 - 7 days, buy any of the tech stocks you watch, you stand to gain later.

My own proprietary software gives this, I just got some GOOGL and AMZN (very small amount).

I can not 100% depend on this software, needs good fundamental analysis over the list This is so called my Magic Crystal


Got my 10x :slight_smile:

VEEV $97.47
PANW $219.75
SPLK $111.63

Wondering about WDAY $138.52

Too late for me to act. afk.


Playing with knives again? :scream:


I can afford to :crazy_face:

VEEV, PANW and SPLK are good for long term. Not selling them, just adding.
Thinking of unloading the loss making NTNX (always thought is not that great) to buy more VEEV and SPLK.


This is not falling knife, it is just aftermath of last week rate hike. Since rates are hiked, both short term and long term bonds yields are increased, naturally stock dives. This will happen next 5-7 days and then market comes back.

I see both GOOGLand AMZN are bottom today (or in next 3 days). If I forget buying TSLA again (less than $265), I can change to GOOGL and AMZN if they dip further tomorrow so that it is a good diversification for me.

I can also look out for WDAY in addition to GOOGL and AMZN.

In short, this is the time to buy stocks at bargain prices.


VEEV, I understand that produces profit. TSLA, it is not producing profit, but sales are increasing, eventually lead to profit.

For SPLK, What are factors for growth, esp from fundamental point of view, like sales …etc?


Added more VEEV and SPLK.

Customer satisfaction of SPLK products are very high.