Next 10x Stock Winner


I got TSLA at 265 and 260.40, and still 255 open GTC.
Added AMZN, googl, TDOC, MDB.

No more cash flow except last lot of TSLA for $255.


I think you should sell some TSLAs away when it hits $310-$320 :slight_smile: You’re over-exposing yourself to a single stock (I know I’m not qualified to tell you this :blush:)


No money to buy TSLA for $180? :smile:


Yes, you are right, it will happen as I see this is an opportunity to get the shares lower than last purchase.

Definitely, waiting for that opportunity and will clear up some money by hanera’s suggestion :rofl:

If that happens, we will have Dim Sum Lunch…may be at San Mateo !


Tsla price has been sticky slightly abovr 250.




Poor SQ… :scream:


and ntnx.







Sq after hours… fuck.


You sold all, right?

Square CFO Sarah Friar to join Nextdoor as CEO


I don’t know why CFO resigning to go to another company would cause this…


Every time CFO leaves a company, stocks dive because usually it means something wrong with the financial situation. CFO is the first one to know any deterioration of financial performance.


If you truly believe SQ is the stock you should buy on this dip. Sarah’s leaving not because SQ is in trouble, but because she’s getting a promotion. It’s rare for CFOs to become CEOs.


that was my thinking exactly.

it’s down 23% from ath.


Not rare any more. CFO of BABA took over as CEO, soon also Chairman. In any case, CFO leaving is always red flag regardless of the reason :nerd_face: btw, any functions can take over as CEO depending on the environment. At one point in history, is popular to appoint Personnel then HR now known as People chief as CEOs.

Harriet should give us a Big treat when she got promoted to :woman_office_worker: CEO.


Not good enough, waiting for $60 :hugs:


SQ seems like a clean and transparent company. I think it’s just a knee jerk reaction from the market to CFO’s departure. Should recover in a few weeks in my opinion.


• After-hours declines in Square (NYSE:SQ) are deepening, with the stock down 9.7% on postmarket volume that has crested 2.67M shares after news that CFO Sarah Friar is exiting to lead Nextdoor.

• That’s “not great,” says SunTrust analyst Andrew Jeffrey; Friar has been more influential at the company than even CEO Jack Dorsey, he writes.

• It will be tough to replicate Friar’s ability to set investor expectations and her operational management, he says. He’s advising investors to wait for a much more compelling entry point. (h/t Bloomberg)

• He maintains a Hold rating on the shares and a $66 price target; the stock dropped 10% to $77.45 today and are quoting at $69.94 after hours.