Next 10x Stock Winner


Essentially the earliest price to buy is at 200-day SMA, should be $60s. Harriet would prefer to buy below 52-day low, currently around $35.


GTC purchase at $60s.


The outgoing SQ CFO had an MBA from Stanford. Who says MBA degrees are useless?


she’s still working for the man? or something like that, right? i mean… lol.


Went down to 65. Did you buy?


My GTC purchase is lower :slight_smile:


Why catch a falling knife now? Wait for dust to settle.


Market thinks Jack Dorsey is not really doing much at square. The woman was the real ceo and now she’s leaving.


If this is true, SQ doesn’t worth much. She left because Jack refuses to let a woman take over as CEO. Time for feminist like you to protest against Jack.


Good time to buy bitcoin instead. Dust has settled there I think.


I protested by selling all my SQ yesterday.


When are you going to sell all your Amzn and Fb?


In the next double Black Friday+Monday. :scream:


:scream: :scream_cat:


Tesla’s 250 support is surprisingly strong. :thinking:


Then go buy some.


Wow really? Okay…


Many people mock/hate at TSLA without realizing their missing opportunity to get this stock at this low price ! Any way, what they pay is what they get. It is their own risk/reward.


I thought you were a market bear@Jil


Interest rates are rising debt is increasing. World stock markets are down. You were bearish in March. Seems like the tea leaves don’t look good.